Camila Mendes Best Behind-The-Scenes Moments


So, Do Revenge dropped on Netflix last week, and trust me when I say, it is one of the BEST teen movies this year…and maybe of all time.

No surprise here, but Camila is absolutely phenomenal. Like, she is perfect in this role. She makes me want to watch the movie all over again (Spoiler alert: I 100% will).

So, to celebrate Camila’s greatness in this movie, let’s take a lil trip down memory lane and remember all of her other wonderful behind-the-scenes moments:


When she and Maya Hawke took a lie detector test and she shared that she had, in fact, seen Stranger Things but didn’t finish Season 4, and then, she got totally spoiled 10 minutes later:


When she flawlessly imitated the “I Smell Like Beef” meme and was honestly pretty iconic for it:


When she let her imagination run wild while applying this bloody-looking face mask:


When Camila and Lili Reinhart channeled their inner Lizzie McGuires and belted out the seminal classic “What Dreams Are Made Of”:


When she took a hit from this leaf and did her best Kyle Mooney impression:


When she got crafty and used her prop pancake as a beauty blender:


When she was bored and danced across set so she could hang out with Lili:

Watch the full video here:


When she was genuinely so excited to see which famous ladies her fans think she looks like, and it was truly the purest moment ever:


When she shared that The CW told her she wasn’t “glossy” enough during her first Riverdale audition, and she joked about coming back glossier than ever potentially starting a new makeup trend ✨afterbirth glow✨:


When she perfected her penis latte art skills during the pandemic and shared her gift with the world:

Look at all the photos here:


When we learned that Camila loooooves the word “daddy” and Lili low-key called her out for it:


When she finally set the record straight and said she does NOT run a Camila Cabello-Shawn Mendes fan account:


When she busted a move to her cover of “Union of the Snake,” and it was honestly such a vibe:


And finally, when she was brutally honest about which co-star she’d sacrifice during the zombie apocalypse:

So, what are your favorite Camila moments? Let us know in the comments below.

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