Celebrating 5 Years With 5 Hilarious Reels By Dhruv & Shyam As Funcho That Got Us Laughing Out Loud

Celebrating 5 Years With 5 Hilarious Reels By Dhruv & Shyam As Funcho That Got Us Laughing Out Loud

Making people laugh is not an easy task. Yes, bachie log that’s right, but don’t forget that we are all surrounded by hilarious content creators who make our mundane life better and more interesting with their relatable Reels, jokes and puns. Well, Funcho means laughter, and Dhruv Shah and Shyam Sharma the boys behind this name do full justice to its meaning. Today, Funcho boys completed 5 years in the content creation world entertaining us in the wackiest and funniest way possible!

Bachie get ready for some naatak baazi!

1. When WiFi Is Life

This duo is nothing less than goals, who never miss a chance to bring a smile to our face. Well, now we know how to get someone’s attention in a jiffy, thanks Shyam for giving us such a brilliant idea, hehe.

2. Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki

Here’s a universal truth, you can never hide anything from your parents! Funcho boys in this Reel show us a very relatable kahani of almost all households. For us however, the situation was different as it was the junk food boxes that we ordered and hid when we were home alone, hehe!

3. Relatable Enough

Funcho’s ‘HAHAkarReels not only make us laugh but also make us scream, ‘hell-yeah’ as they are relatable to its maxxx. In a day how many hours do you end up scrolling the Reels section? For us, it has to be more than 12 hours, hehe! 😛

Learn how to give trending Reels a fun twist from Funcho boys ‘cause they are pros in doing so. We love how they jump on viral trends and give them all a ‘hatke’ twist. Love how creative Dhruv and Shyam are!

5. Forever Groovy & Goofy  

The reason behind Dhruv and Shyam’s success is, of course, their USP of creating 100% relatable content but that’s not all it’s their fun, perfect comic timing, and the goofy side that makes them stand out the most.

Happy 5 years to these hilarious boys! We have to agree that we have never come across a dull moment in their presence be it on YouTube or Instagram these boys have always entertained us to the fullest. We can’t wait to see what exciting things they have in store for us and hope to see them grow strong on social media! On that note, we hope everyone is keeping safe and while doing so don’t forget to follow @missmalinitrending.

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