Celebrity Best Dressed September 5-11


You know what time it is: Time to look at some of the best dressed celebrities from this past week, baby!

What makes me, an idiot with a keyboard sat in a hoodie and a pair of avocado pajama shorts even though it is well into the afternoon, qualified for this? Almost absolutely nothing! Mwhahahahahaha! Let’s begin!


First up, the biggest fashion moment of the week: Florence Pugh in Valentino at the Venice Film Festival. Special shout-out to the whimsical shoes.

Yes, this was this week. Already feels like eons ago.


Also on the Don’t Worry Darling red carpet was Harry Styles in Gucci. The slight point to the shoulders, the fit of the suit, the GIANT COLLAR. It works!

This is probably a good time to mention that I’m defining “this week” as “Monday-Sunday” (as most people do), so if you’re like, “Why wasn’t XYZ on this list!” it’s possible that they were a look from last week. Or, I personally hate them. You’ll never know!


Next up is Rachel Brosnahan in Atelier Versace, also at Venice, at the Dead For A Dollar premiere. The crystals are apparently Swarovski.

Look, sometimes a gown just evokes a visceral reaction in me. I wish I could show you how I gasped at my television when I saw this — but, as I am communicating to you through the written word, this will have to suffice.


Next up we have Vanessa Kirby in Valentino Haute Couture, and I’m sure there’s some kind of lofty comparison between roses and royalty I could make…because she was in The Crown six years ago. Don’t say I’m not topical with my references!

The full look with the coat and the shades does it for me. This looks like a still from a movie.


Jodie Turner-Smith was undoubtedly my consistently best-dressed at Venice this year. This Christopher John Rogers corset and skirt reminds me of an ice lolly, which reminds me of summer. And I like summer!

All it needs is some pockets and it’s a home run (look at me trying to use sports terms). I admittedly preferred her Christopher John Rogers dress for the Bardo premiere, but it’s hard to top perfection, ya know?


Before we exit the Venice section, I want to take a moment to appreciate this Valentino look worn by Flo. Gods, it’s cool.

I want to find a knock-off version of this so badly (unless Valentino is willing to hit me up, in which case, please do).


Crossing over to the Toronto International Film, we have Gabrielle Union in Vivienne Westwood for the premiere of her movie The Inspection.

It’s not the most out-there Vivienne Westwood look we’ve seen, but holy hell she looks gorgeous.


Another TIFF look: Jennifer Lawrence at the Causeway premiere in Dior Haute Couture.

Am I a little swayed by my excitement at seeing J-Law back? Maybe! Sue me!


I’m looping Taylor Swift and Sadie Sink’s TIFF looks together — largely because Sadie didn’t take any solo red carpet photos, but also because they compliment one another.

It’s not immediately clear who the looks are by, but I’ll take a auburn-hair-auburn-suit moment any day.


Lily Allen channeled the spirit of fall at the Fendi’s New York Fashion Week show.

Perhaps one might attribute the slightly alarmed expression under her sunglasses to the fact that it was still quite warm in NYC this week.


Finally, if I had a nickel for every time a Kardashian wore something skin-tight, sparkly, and sheer, I’d have…a lot of nickels. Yet, here we are with Kim Kardashian in Fendi.

No wonder Amazon keeps suggesting bedazzled items to me. Today it was a bedazzled kitchen roll holder, which struck me as a bit pointless given that you can’t see most of a kitchen roll holder when a kitchen roll is on it. What were we talking about?

There we have it, folks! Let’s argue in the comments!

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