Celebs Who Were Honest About Their Finances


Actor Jennifer Lawrence also spoke out about pay inequity in Hollywood when she found out that her male costars in American Hustle had been paid more than she had. However, instead of blaming the studios, she blamed herself.  

“I didn’t fight hard enough. It was my own mentality that led me to believe that I didn’t deserve to be paid equally,” she said in a CBS News interview. 

She also spoke about how ‘fickle’ the world of Hollywood is. “If the next few movies don’t– don’t do well in the box office, I won’t– I won’t– I won’t get paid the same. That’s the way it works,” she continued in the interview. 

“If you can’t prove that you– that you deserve that number, then you’re not gonna get it. So it’s very fickle. So I don’t want to sound like I’m on a high horse, ’cause I might be on a tiny little Shetland pony in a month,” Jennifer added.

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