Centre Approves New India Literacy Programme; Adult Education Now ‘Education For All’

Centre Approves New India Literacy Programme; Adult Education Now ‘Education For All’

‘Adult Education’ will now be called ‘Education For All’

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New Delhi:

The Central government has approved the ‘New India Literacy Programme’ for financial years 2022-27 which will now cover all aspects of Adult Education in the country, in line with National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. ‘Adult Education’ will now be called ‘Education For All’.

“As a progressive step, it has also been decided that from now onwards that the term “Education For All” will be used in place of “Adult Education” by the Ministry in view of the fact that the terminology “Adult Education” is not incorporating appropriately all non-literates of 15 years and above age group,” the Education Ministry said.

The number of non-literates in the country in the age group of 15 years and above was 25.76 crore (9.08 crore male and 16.68 crore female) according to the 2011 census. Currently, an estimated 18.12 crore adults in the country are illiterate, the ministry said.

The objective of the New India Literacy Programme is to impart foundational literacy and numeracy, critical life skills like financial literacy, digital literacy, commercial skills, health care and awareness, child care and education, and family welfare; vocational skills, basic education and continuing education.

The scheme will be implemented online. Three crore students of around 7 lakh schools registered under UDISE (Unified District Information System for Education) and around 50 lakh teachers of government, aided and private schools will participate as volunteers.

Around 20 lakh students from teacher education and higher education institutions will be actively involved as volunteers. Anganwadi workers, ASHA workers, PRIs; and around 50 lakh NYSK, NSS and NCC workers will extend their support to the programme, the ministry said.

The estimated total outlay of the programme is Rs 1,037.90 crore which includes central share of Rs 700 crore and State share of Rs 337.90 crore for the FYs 2022 -27.

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