Cher Tweets About Queen Elizabeth, Uses Wrong Emoji


One of said celebs was none other than Cher, who A) Had met the Queen a handful of times, and B) Has a Twitter account that deserves to be studied in college courses.

The tweet started profoundly, with Cher writing, “Am sad about the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Had [the] honor of meeting her.”

“I was in [a] long like of people waiting to meet her, yet when she got to me, she asked me pertinent questions and seemed genuinely interested in talking to me,” she continued.

Then there’s the rest of the tweet….which I’ll just leave here for a second:

Because yes, Cher did seem to unintentionally call Queen Elizabeth II a cow:

Presumably, Cher meant to call the Queen a “GOAT” and simply used the wrong emoji. Happens to the best of us!

At least the Queen apparently had a sense of humor!

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