Childbirth: All You Need To Know About Medicated And Natural Birth

Childbirth: All You Need To Know About Medicated And Natural Birth

Since the time your pregnancy test came back positive, you must’ve fathomed the kind of birth you are going to have. As you reach the end of your pregnancy term, this fascination just keeps growing.

You need to make a few decisions as you reach closer to your due date. You need to have a plan in mind and think of how you are going to execute it. The most important part of your birth plan will be to choose if you want a natural or medicated childbirth.

Both the alternatives have their share of pros and cons. Keep reading to find out which one is the best for you and your baby.

Natural Delivery

A Woman Giving Birth

Natural delivery does not include medical interventions like cesarean section, episiotomies, ventouse, or forceps. It does not even include an epidural or any kind of anesthesia. It is the kind of birth that can take place in a hospital, a birthing center, or even in the comfort of your house.

Many women choose this method because it is the most natural way to deliver your baby and to feel the connection to your body and child. Some women are afraid to inject drugs in their bodies and transfer them to their offspring via the placenta and hence go for this method.

These claims are not scientifically proven. The most important thing to keep in mind when you’re making decisions like this is to, always trust your instincts. It is your body’s way to pass on its message to you. After assessing your condition, your doctor can advise if you should go with a natural unmedicated birth, this might be the best option for you.

Medicated Birth

Medical Team Performing A C-Section by SweetLeMontea |
Medical Team Performing A C-Section

Childbirth that is aided by medical procedures, performed by medical professionals that helps the patient to ease the pain and have a smoother delivery process is referred to as medicated childbirth. There are several different types of methods used in a medicated childbirth, like a Caesarean section, epidural, general anesthesia, spinal block, etc…A study conducted by Stanford in 2018, showed that 71% of vaginal births are medicated and the numbers have only been rising since then.
The 9 months of pregnancy is hard by itself, and some women are just not prepared for the pain and sometimes the trauma that comes with natural childbirth. Some women are comfortable with the idea of being in a hospital, being supervised by experts. It makes them feel safer and hence this is the choice they make.

Many women believe when the medication helps ease the pain and discomfort it helps them connect with their body and the offspring.

My Childbirth Experience

Pregnancy was like a roller coaster for me, there were days when I puked 17 times in a day, couldn’t even keep water down. There were days when I did not even realise I was pregnant and went on a hike and swam in the ocean. I decided to trust my doctor’s opinion and most of all rely on my instincts. I found a doctor who I could trust completely and knew that he had the best intentions for my child and me.

My labor process was a dream, lasted 45 minutes in total; 15 minutes of active labor where I was required to push. It was quite painful but my doctor advised me not to take an epidural or any kind of medication for my pain. My doctor believed I could do without it and it made me stronger. I decided to not take any medication. If my labor would’ve lasted longer, I would’ve definitely opted for an epidural because my pain threshold is quite low. In the end, it all comes down to the situation you’re in and the kind of experience you’d want to remember.

How should you make your decision?

Childbirth is a fairly simple and natural procedure. You should do your research, talk to your partner, and your healthcare provider, and consider all the options you have.

Evaluate all the factors and take your time to do all of that. Talk to your doctor about it too, take their opinion on it depending on your general health, your pelvic structure, and the medical points that you need to know before you make the decision. After you’ve made your birthing plan, know that sometimes even the best of plans need to be altered based on the situation that you’re in. Trust your doctor if that happens. Sometimes nature takes a different route than planned. Even if you need an emergency c-section and need medication intervention during and after the delivery, the important thing is for the mother and baby to be healthy. In the end, it’s your body so make an informed decision and trust your instincts.

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