Choti Sarrdaarni, 14 February 2022, Written Update: Avinash to give evidence against Rajveer

Choti Sarrdaarni, 14 February 2022, Written Update: Avinash to give evidence against Rajveer

In today’s episode, Seher gives her father’s pen to Rajveer and asks him to sign with that pen on special occasions. Rajveer asks Seher the reason for her sadness, to which the latter asks him about the Vegas party. She questions how much he and Khushi drank at that party. He says everyone was drunk, but Khushi was over drunk and bold. Seher asks if Rajveer dropped Khushi at her room and had a physical relationship with her consent. He says there were more people in the party besides him, and he just dropped Khushi at her room and left. He requests Seher to trust him and celebrate Valentine’s Day with him.

Later, Seher watches the video again to find a clue and notices Avinash in it. She thinks that Avinash must know something about Prince’s father as he is Khushi’s best friend. At the cocktail party, Seher and Rajveer wear a green-themed dress. Rajveer expresses his feelings to Seher and wishes for a long and happy love life. He makes Seher wear a corsage and says when he was in Canada, his friends used to give corsage to their girlfriends on prom nights, but he decided to give it only to her soulmate. Khushi shows that she also has a similar corsage and asks if she is his soulmate too.

Elsewhere, Dolly manages to untie herself and escapes from the room. She tries to approach Harleen, but Devika pulls her and ties her into the room again. Seher offers a drink to Avinash and asks if he knows about Prince’s dad. Avinash says he knows who spent the night with Khushi at the Vegas party, and he has video proof of it. He says he will give the video to Seher only if she plays it in front of everyone. Seher agrees and says everyone is eager to know the truth. As the party starts, Rajveer proposes to Seher for a dance. Khushi thinks Seher will get the biggest surprise of her life.

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