Choti Sarrdaarni, 16 February 2022, Written Update: Rajveer tries to prove himself innocent

Choti Sarrdaarni, 16 February 2022, Written Update: Rajveer tries to prove himself innocent

In today’s episode, Rajveer pleads with Seher to trust him and their relationship. Khushi video calls Prince, and the latter asks about his dad. Prince narrates a story in which a kid stays inside a hut as it is raining outside and feels sad, but then his dad comes to cheer him up. In this story, Prince elaborates on his dad’s characteristics similar to Rajveer’s.

Khushi tells everyone that Prince knows how Rajveer looks because she has told Prince about him over the years, and she always knew that Rajveer is his father. Rajveer yells at Khushi to stop with her fake stories. Avinash says Rajveer was also drunk at the Vegas party and dropped Khushi at her room. He blames Rajveer for taking advantage of Khushi that night. Rajveer gets furious and indulges in a fight with Avinash.

Seher shouts at them to stop while Avinash says that Khushi has suffered all these years alone, so why would she lie. He persuades Rajveer to accept his mistake and agree that Prince is his son. Seher realises that Khushi forcefully trying to stay close to Rajveer was intentional and not a joke. She questions Khushi about why she used her to uncover the truth. Khushi says she loves Seher and did not want to hurt her. She says her heart broke when Rajveer called Seher his soulmate and exchanged rings.

Furthermore, Rajveer says to Bitu and Rana that he can never hurt Seher as she is the most important lady of his life. He says he never loved anyone else before Seher. Harleen scolds Rajveer, saying Khushi is not lying as no woman would ruin her respect by making false accusations. Bobbie asks Param to support Khushi as she is his sister too. Harleen says Seher’s mother Meher suffered the same way, but everyone helped her then why no one supports Khushi. Seher says she trusts Rajveer and can not believe he could do wrong to a woman.

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