Choti Sarrdaarni, 1st February 2022, Written Update: Khushi causes Seher to worry

Choti Sarrdaarni, 1st February 2022, Written Update: Khushi causes Seher to worry

In today’s episode, Khushi asks Rajveer if he remembers their hook step. Rajveer says yes and then dances with Seher, which makes Kushi jealous. Seher and Rajveer are joined by others. When Kushi tries to get close to him while dancing, he goes to Seher. Rajveer asks them to wait as he has made a Jalebi Cheesecake.¬†

Rajveer comes with the dish, and when he is about to feed Seher, Kushi takes a bite. Rajveer gets upset. Seher asks him to feed her. Kushi suggests playing a game called word association and explains the rules. Kushi kicks off the game with Param. Kushi then asks Kushi and she intentionally expresses her desire for Rajveer. However, Seher looks worried after hearing this. But somehow, Kushi says she was speaking about something else.

Kushi wants Seher to explain how she and Rajveer got married. Seher and Rajveer reminisce and feel a bit sad. Param says it happened under unusual conditions. Seher says that with God’s grace, she found her soulmate. Kulwant questions Harleen about who ruined Kushi’s life.

Kushi is questioned by Param as to why she does not move on from her past marriage and begin a new life. Kushi says that what counts is the future and that she will achieve her desires. Karan and Seher have a fun fight. Rajveer is perplexed by Kushi’s behaviour.

Seher is all praise for Kushi. Rajveer says that Kushi is exaggerated and that she makes him feel uneasy. When Rajveer asks Seher for a kiss, she runs away.

Param seeks to learn more about Devika by asking her a series of questions. Karan is reassured by Param that Devika is a decent person. Kulwant attempts to learn more about Kushi’s marriage. Dolly Momsy arrives in the chariot and meets everyone. Then she meets Kulwant, and they both make fun of each other. Dolly notices Arjit and says that she has met him previously. Arjit informs Devika that she is the one they have trapped in the 80-lakh scam. Seher and Rajveer have a fun conversation.

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