Cruise Control: This feature found in modern cars should not become a danger, know when and how to use it properly – Cruise Control Feature In Modern Cars Should Not Become A Danger, Know When And How To Use


New features are constantly being offered in modern cars. New features are also well liked in cars. But if they are used wrongly, then they can cause harm instead of benefit. One such feature is of cruise control. If this feature is also used in the wrong place and in the wrong way, then it can also become a danger. In this news, we are telling you when and how this feature should be used properly.

How does cruise control work?

If your car does not have this feature but if you drive a car which has this feature then you will not know how to use this feature. In fact, once this feature is activated, it starts controlling the car automatically. It automatically drives the car at the speed at which it is activated, so that the driver does not have to press the accelerator pedal while driving the car. It is capable of driving the car continuously at the set speed. After activating it, the speed of the car neither decreases nor increases.

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what is the loss

This feature of the car can also prove to be harmful for it. This happens when it is activated at the wrong time. If this feature is activated in such a place where it is necessary to have complete control, then it can also cause harm.

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when not to use

This feature should not be used in traffic, crowded places, on wet roads, during rain, during snowfall and other similar conditions.

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where to use

Because this feature gives you the convenience that through this you can drive the car at the same speed for a long time. So it is better to use it on open roads, highways or places where there is little or no traffic. In such a situation, you can reduce some fatigue during driving by using this feature.

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