Deadly attack on Anupamaa and Anuj again, fans got angry on the makers


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anupama upcoming twist

New Delhi: Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna starrer TV show ‘Anupama’ continues to dominate the TRP list. The reason for this is that the makers constantly maintain some drama in this show. Recently the story of Pakhi and more’s marriage and their eviction is going on in the show. But in the meantime, a glimpse of the upcoming story has come to the fore that there has been a fatal attack on Anuj and Anupama. The anger of the users has erupted on the makers regarding this.

stick on Anuj’s head

A glimpse has come to the fore in which some people will attack Anuj and Anupama on the way. It is shown that someone stops Anuj and Anupama’s car on the way and tries to ram their jeep. Then there is a fight with them too. But seeing all this the fans of ‘Anupama’ are angry. He says that when the makers do not have a story, they get Anuj to have an accident or attack him.

Actually, Anuj Kapadia’s accident has been shown many times in this show till now. In such a situation, the fans are now finding it a trick of the makers. Because the audience is emotionally attached to Anuj and by causing an accident with him, the makers take TRPs. At the same time, some people have also become very emotional after coming in front of this scene.

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On the other hand, talking about the story so far in the show, after Pakhi and Adhika were evicted from the house, now Pakhi has made a new move. Pakhi has now shifted to Samar’s ex-girlfriend Nandni’s house opposite Shah house. Baa is getting very angry about this. He is worried about the tribulation that is to come. So now it has to be seen which turn the story will turn in the show. Only time will tell how fatal Anuj and Anupama’s accident will be this time.

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