Dear Oppa: A fan from India reveals Super Junior member Heechul's 'fearless personality stole her heart'

Dear Oppa: A fan from India reveals Super Junior member Heechul's 'fearless personality stole her heart'

Heechul, Super Junior‘s treasured member and a variety show staple, is adored across the globe for his cheeky, friendly personality and no-holds-barred witty humour. Whether it be his melodious vocals as a K-pop veteran in SuJu or leaving us in splits on Knowing Bros, it’s impossible to not like Kim Heechul! Moreover, one can’t get over the 38-year-old singer’s utterly handsome looks as the man just refuses to age. ELF would definitely agree with this truth bomb!

Today’s heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Aarohi from India to Super Junior member Heechul. Read her letter below:

Dear Kim Heechul Oppa,

I started K-dramas since 2 years ago and just a few months ago, I started watching many different variety shows. I am surprised by your funny comic roles and savage replies. Your fearless personality stole my heart, brain and everything. Also, your singing, dancing and song guessing talent is a wonder of the Korean entertainment world. I always wait for your scenes and amazing words. Your hardwork and work passion is an inspiration to me. I am always happy and laugh a lot whenever I see you, but when I heard about your sleepless night and days because of work, I don’t feel good, but when I heard your journey and a hidden person behind the happy face and saw you cried, I can’t control my tears from my eyes. After that, I didn’t watch your scenes for a few days because it’s hard for me to laugh at your satire after that, but later I started again and enjoy your scenes from the bottom of my heart. You’re my inspiration and one day I wish to meet you. Thank you for doing amazing work for us and I wish you have a great great time and amazing life.

Thank You,

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