Demi Lovato Reveals Ways Her Team Controlled What She Ate


In the 45-minute discussion, Demi opened up about a lot of serious things, including their early experimentation, their father’s mental health, and how their former team contributed to their eating disorder.

In fact, there were some pretty disturbing ways in which Demi said her team controlled what she ate.

Demi said she developed an eating disorder at 12 years old, after they were heavily bullied by classmates who called them “fat.” They eventually sought treatment for their eating disorder.

But once she scored her roles on Disney and started getting big with her music career, Demi said her food consumption was completely controlled and restricted.

“There was someone who came into the picture. When they came into the picture, everything in my life was controlled. I started having a sober companion, which was helpful for me, but it should not have lasted three years.”

“Then, it became controlling around my food. For someone in recovery from an eating disorder, that’s so dangerous. It actually exacerbated my eating disorder. I became bulimic again. From 2016–2018, I was dealing with that.”

“They didn’t let me have phones in my hotel room because they didn’t want me to call room service,” Demi said.

“I didn’t have food in the hotel room, like snacks and the mini bar,” they added. “They didn’t want me to eat the snacks.”

“Ellen talked about this on her show, where they cleared the dressing room of all sugar before I’d get in there.”

“They put furniture outside of my [hotel] door, so I couldn’t sneak out and eat if I wanted to. It was that level of controlling when it came to my food.”

Demi said she even pleaded with her team to get help, but they told her she wasn’t “sick enough.” Demi then went on to explain just how controlling they were around her eating.

Demi said her team even got rid of a chef Demi had after he informed her they were checking her bank statements. “The chef told me, ‘They read your bank statements to see what you order at Starbucks to make sure you’re not getting cookies or pastries.'”

Demi clarified that this “team” wanted her to look “thin” because it was better for her image and career.

“My way of blowing up everything was relapsing on drugs and alcohol because they always said, ‘If you use, we’re out.'”

“Now, I found my voice. No one can ever do that to me again.”

As always, thank you, Demi, for your vulnerability. You can watch the full interview here.

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