Dimple’s culprits got bail


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Anupam: Anupama passes by Shah house with Dimple. She sees Leela and takes her blessings. Dimple greets Leela, and Leela asks how she is. Dimple says he is fine. Anupama says she is taking Dimple to dance academy as Dimple will help her now. Leela asks if Dimple will stay with her. Dimple says that for some days Anupama and Anuj are helping her and her own parents have abandoned her. Pakhi enters and says the same with her, her parents disowned her. Dimple asks if she is Anupama’s daughter. Pakhi says ‘ha’ and starts her drama. Neighbors gather and tell Anupama that it is good that she is helping Dimple, but she should also take care of her daughter and not leave. Lil asks who told them. Neighbors say they saw Leela and Anupama dropping Pakhi.

Anupama and Leela warn the neighbors not to interfere in their affairs. Anupama says she takes care of her daughter like any other mother. Pakhi says that is why Anupama threw her out of the house. Anupama says that Pakhi’s actions got her thrown out of the house and asks her to focus on her studies and career. Pakhi says she will neither work nor study when Adhik will work for her. Anupama says that Pakhi wants to be a burden on others while Dimple wants to work independently even in this condition. Pakhi walks away angrily. Anupama says Dimple is taking her responsibility and fighting for her rights. Leela asks Anupama not to bring Dimple to her house.

Anupama takes Dimple to her dance academy. Samar joins them. All three of them talk and laugh. Anupama and Dimple leave the dance academy talking when Dimple feels pain and remembers Nirmit. Anupama consoles him and makes him happy. After getting bail the goons go to them. Dimple gets scared. Anupama says Hasmukh’s house is nearby and there is crowd around, so the goons cannot harm them. The goons scare Dimple.

Anuj gets a call from the Inspector that the goon boy has got bail and goes to Anupama and Dimple’s house after informing Ankush and Barkha about it.

At home, Leela yells at Anupama for getting herself in trouble by adopting Dimple. Anuj calls Samar and asks about Dimple and Anupama. Asks her to go and meet him soon. Samar tells the family. Vanraj asks her to call Anupama. The goon dances around Dimple and scares her.

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