Discover what Zodiac Signs like Libra, Cancer and Virgo really feel about Valentine’s Day

Discover what Zodiac Signs like Libra, Cancer and Virgo really feel about Valentine’s Day

February 14, Valentine’s Day, is one of the most anticipated days in modern time for celebrating love, but it may be challenging at times. As much as people like Valentine’s Day, a few, if not more, are less passionate about the occasion; yet, this does not imply they do not value or honor love. What would you do if you were in a relationship and your partner was thrilled to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and you were not? Or, more crucially, how will you know how your partner truly feels about Valentine’s Day, given that not everyone is very vocal about what they are feeling?

Sidhharrth S Kumaar, a celebrated Astro numerologist helps us look at how people feel about Valentine’s Day with the help of the zodiac signs but would rather not discuss it openly.

Gemini: It is difficult to predict how a Gemini feels on Valentine’s Day. They are highly adaptable and can quickly adjust to any scenario. On Valentine’s Day, never underestimate what they could be hoping for. They are open to anything, including skipping it entirely. They are simply laid-back about the issue and do not understand what all the hoopla is about. They can be wowed by a lavish event or appear completely disoriented by Valentine’s Day frenzy. It is pointless to speculate about your Gemini partner’s feelings about Valentine’s Day. It would be best to pose the question immediately if you want to know.

Aries: The need for adventure in Aries is evident, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. A person born under this zodiac sign may not be outspoken about their Valentine’s Day expectations. Still, they would prefer anything that would provide them with a fresh experience over a typical Valentine’s Day. Aries believes that a surprise is the most fantastic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. So, leave the heart-shaped boxes and heartfelt cards at home; these people prefer fresh experiences over traditional Valentine’s Day gifts.

Taurus: Taureans are known for being stubborn. Many people are astonished to learn that these steadfast, influential individuals are also warm and kind. They do not mind a little romance brightening the Day if it is not overbearing and demanding attention. You can depend on them to be enthusiastic about celebrating Valentine’s Day as long as it is not something too excessive. Grand romantic gestures are good, but a quiet, intimate relationship is far better. Valentine’s Day should, according to them, be about spending quality time with a partner and enjoying a low-key romantic encounter.

Cancer: This expressive and loving sign wants to go all out for Valentine’s Day in a hidden but not-so-secret way. All you have to do to understand how a Cancerian thinks about Valentine’s Day is watch a few romantic movies in which the hero woos the heroine and spoils her with everything she wants. What a Cancerian thinks of Valentine’s Day is stuffed animals, heart balloons, rose petals, surprise gifts, pampering, and so forth. They even desire those lovely dust-tasting small heart sweets. It would be no surprise if the person who started all Valentine’s Day craziness were a Cancerian!

cancer sign of the zodiac

Leo: A Leo is the type of person that thrives in the spotlight. Valentine’s Day is no exception for those born under this sign, who will never pass up an opportunity to shine. Leos are known for their loyalty and love, and Valentine’s Day is a time for them to express their affection. Instead of waiting for their lovers to lavish them with presents and attention, they are more than likely arranging something romantic for them. Valentine’s Day is nothing to them if it does not include a huge party, a fancy dinner date, and an even more extravagant present. They like being pampered as much as they would like to do the same on Valentine’s Day for their partner.

Virgo: If you have never heard of a realistic Valentine’s Day, well then, it is time you know about it. If you spend a lot of time around Virgos, you should get acclimated to the idea of a practical Valentine’s Day. Flowers and presents are not their things, and they will have no idea what all the fuss is about on Valentine’s Day. They are logic-driven and would be content to believe that Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a marketing ploy. Valentine’s Day is a hard pass for them.

Scorpio: Passion is one term that comes to mind while thinking of Valentine’s Day for a Scorpio. Unless it is an act of profound love and passion, these soulful lovers are not readily impressed. Valentine’s Day is all about love and passion for them. They will identify the Day with love poetry, music they grew up listening to, or a heartfelt love letter that evoked all of their emotions.

scorpio water sign

Sagittarius: Nothing irritates a Sagittarian who is otherwise up for a good time like a meaningless romance. It is no different on Valentine’s Day. They are all about genuine love, and they can tell if a partner is attempting to impress them with bluffing. They would rather spend a meaningful and good time with their loved ones, such as family and friends, on Valentine’s Day than indulge in cheap pleasures.

Libra: Without a doubt, most people born under this sign are perfectionists who seek equilibrium in all aspects of their lives. Libras are passionate people who lead with their feelings; therefore, Valentine’s Day is a significant deal for them, whether they admit it or not. They believe that Valentine’s Day, like everything else, should be flawless. A romantic party with grand gestures and an unforgettable experience is what they want.

Capricorn: People born under this sign are practical and pragmatic, and they are constantly guided by rationality. According to them, Valentine’s Day is a great marketing opportunity for greeting card firms and teddy bear makers. As a result, they would instead not participate in the festivities. They would only be happy on this Day if they could deprive the marketing firms of their profits. You cannot expect them to shout girlishly over a teddy bear clutching a heart if you buy them dinner.

capricorn zodiac sign

Aquarius: We all know Aquarians have a hard time expressing their feelings and would rather have rationality than romance any day of the year. It is not that Aquarius does not love a romantic outing now and again, but orchestrated, theatrical romance is not their cup of tea. But do not dismiss them as unconcerned about Valentine’s Day because they are gregarious creatures who would never pass up an opportunity to meet new people and socialize. Valentine’s Day is more of a social gathering for them than a celebration of love. So if it were up to them, February 14 would be a day of celebrating with friends instead.

Pisces: Pisces has the most generous heart of all the zodiac signs, so it is no surprise that they go all out on Valentine’s Day. Pisceans are all about giving rather than getting, whether love, care, or anything else. This water sign is all about romantic fantasy. They may spend days preparing and fantasizing about how to commemorate Valentine’s Day, even though they would never confess it. And it is not only Valentine’s Day that keeps a Piscean busy planning ahead of time; it is the same for other special occasions or festivals. They are all about love, both giving and receiving it with open hearts.

To conclude, some zodiac signs are inherently more romantic, while others want to avoid Valentine’s Day. And both are perfectly okay. The idea is to have a good time and celebrate love in whichever way you are comfortable!

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