Disenchanted Trailer Debuts At D23


It’s been 15 years (AHHH) since Enchanted first came into our lives, but the Disney overlords have blessed us once more: with an upcoming sequel, titled Disenchanted.

The trailer starts with Giselle summoning her animal friends to tell them that she’s moving out of the city…

…And let me tell you, as someone who lives in New York and has struggled with roaches and mice VERY RECENTLY, this scene in the original lives in my head rent-free.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, Giselle, Robert, step-daughter Morgan, and a NEW BABY move out to the suburbs.

The home has a magical well, featuring your old faves:

But, not all is well! There is step-daughter/mother tension! The home, which is nicer than any my peasant self could afford to live in, is referred to as a “fixer-upper”!

So, Giselle wishes for a fairy-tale life. However, the unimaginable happens: Giselle starts talking in a British accent.


Maya Rudolph’s character is also introduced — and while I may not know exactly what her role is, she looks like what I aspire to be on any given day.

All in all, Disenchanted looks positively delightful, and I cannot wait to weep over it at whatever friends’ Thanksgiving I invite myself to this year.

Disenchanted begins streaming November 24, 2022 on Disney+.

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