Divya Aggarwal will soon tie the knot, will take seven rounds with her boyfriend on this day


Divya Aggarwal

Divya Agarwal and Apoorva Padgaonkar: These days Divya Agarwal is getting a lot of headlines. Divya Aggarwal had made some revelations on her birthday, about which she is in a lot of discussion. Recently Divya Aggarwal got engaged with her boyfriend Apoorva Padgaonkar. Divya Aggarwal, who was the winner of ‘Bigg Boss OTT’, is now going to tie the knot with her boyfriend soon.

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Let us tell you that during the recent interview, Divya Aggarwal and Apoorva Padgaonkar told that they are going to get married soon. The couple was asked when will they get married, to which Divya Agarwal said ‘maybe next year’. After this Apoorva also said that he will take seven rounds with Divya next year. Divya Aggarwal was in a relationship with Varun Sood before Apoorva Padgaonkar. Both used to be in a lot of discussion as well. The pairing of both was also well-liked. But after four years both of them broke up. Then Divya Agarwal got engaged to Apoorva after 9 months. Divya Agarwal is being trolled a lot on social media regarding this matter.

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Let us tell you that on the occasion of Divya’s 30th birthday, Apoorva Padgaonkar had proposed Divya in a special way. Apoorva Padgaonkar is a big businessman, he has many restaurants in Mumbai. Divya Agarwal has recently released a song ‘Resham Ka Rumal’ which is being liked a lot. Let us tell you that Divya is the runner-up of MTV ‘Splitsvilla 10’ and the winner of ‘Ace of Space 1’ and ‘Bigg Boss OTT’. Divya Aggarwal made her acting debut with the horror web series ‘Ragini MMS: Returns 2’.

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