Drag Race UK Season Four Interview – How Normal Am I?



Have you ever been starstruck?

Le Fil: I was quite overwhelmed when we met Dannii Minogue, but I have to say Beyoncé. She used to come into where I worked, and the first time I met her she was in her full Sasha Fierce moment. She tapped me on the shoulder and said, “you’re so cute”. I was proper starstruck, she’s a goddess!

Sminty Drop: I mean, every morning when I look in the mirror. No, but I did see Naomi Campbell walking through a fashion week party once and I nearly threw up on the floor. I was crying and vomiting and shaking all at once!

Starlet: I was pretty starstruck when I first saw Ru. I love makeup so seeing her in person was amazing.

Danny Beard: Yeah, the first time Ru walked in that werk room, it was like year seven when your headteacher walked in. Everyone’s just standing there, no one talks, we’re all just waiting for Ru to talk. You are starstruck, it’s like Ru fucking Paul!

Baby: When I met Shea Couleé, actually. Normally I try to be really professional, but I freaked out a little bit with Shea. I didn’t tell her, but she’s definitely the reason I do drag. I love her!

Dakota Schiffer: Yes, by one of the queens on the cast! When Cheddar walked in I almost fell off my school. I was like, “I have to compete with them, who’s played this sick game on me?”

Black Peppa: I was starstruck by the guest judges, in particular, Olly Alexander. I’ve had the biggest crush on him for years! And FKA, of course. Also Cheddar for me too. I knew them from the clubs, they’re amazing.

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