Dutch victory confirms Van Gaal, whether he wants it or not


Al Rayyan, Qatar — At the age of 71 and after a coaching career of over 30 years, Netherlands Manager Louis van Gaal probably wouldn’t feel the need for proof, but if he did, he could quite easily point to the Dutch performance their 3–1 round-16 victory Over that United States of america on Saturday.

Van Gaal has made it clear that his only objective in Qatar is to win the World Cup and with that goal in mind nothing really matters except what he set out to do. But after a week during which he faced criticism for what was dubbed “boring” football, his team scored three goals – including a brilliantly executed team move – and finished 2014. After reaching the quarterfinals for the first time.

It was no surprise that in his post-match news conference, Van Gaal was in a playful mood, at one point leaning over to kiss the man-of-the-match on the cheek. denzel dumfries,

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It was little wonder that Dumfries — the inter Milan Full-back to the name of Denzel Washington – was in the good books of his manager after scoring one goal and assisting on two others. But he also, perhaps unwittingly, ensured that further questioning on Van Gaal’s style would have to wait for another day, after revealing that the way America was destroyed was directly on the training ground came from

The Netherlands’ first goal consisted of producing over 20 passes that zig-zagged across the pitch before Dumfries, playing as a right wing-back in Van Gaal’s 3–5–2 system, was forced to cut in. Wide space was given to ball back in the penalty area for memphis depe To side-foot into the net.

“In that goal you see all aspects of the system that we play in,” Dumfries said. “We attack spaces, change sides well and we have addressed this in training sessions as well. It was a great team goal and that’s where you see the core of the system come into play.”

Van Gaal 1, Critic 0.

He has faced doubt before, most recently during his spell manchester united What was clear between 2014 and 2016, and even then, is that that’s not going to change.

Over time, he says he has become less concerned with playing flashy, expansive football and more focused on doing what it takes to win. At times this may coincide with a Dutch desire for “total football”, but Van Gaal’s message prior to his arrival in Qatar has been that his priority is to return home as world champion, not just win new fans. Is. He is of the opinion that it is better to prepare for the World Cup quarter-finals than to get out early like this Germany And belgium,

Van Gaal bluntly said after the win over the United States, “I know the media doesn’t always report in a positive way, but the top nations haven’t made progress and we still have three matches to play.” “I’ve been talking for a year that we can become world champions, not that we will, but we can.”

There is a long way to go before a possible final on 18 December, but for now, Van Gaal has at least quelled the noise.

after a 1-1 draw Ecuador In the group stage, the Netherlands were asked to include more attacking players such as the 19-year-old PSV Eindhoven midfielder Javi Simmons, but there will be no such questions beyond the last eight. Van Gaal’s system worked so well against America that two goals involved one wing-back assisting the other – the first for Dumfries. daily blind and then blind for Dumfries.

Van Gaal said, “If my players score a goal, I am very happy, especially like tonight, because they were fantastic.” He then added with a smile: “If the left wing-back delivers a cross to the right wing-back and the other way, that’s wonderful and I’m really proud.”

Is this Argentina either Australia There will be no change in the way Van Gaal sets up in the next round. He insists that this is a strength rather than a weakness.

“Team USA didn’t adjust or adapt and we built a tactical plan on that and probably allowed us to win,” Van Gaal said. “But I hope not FranceArgentina or spain The Netherlands are going to adapt. I think we have great potential here.”

Van Gaal says he doesn’t mind the criticism – “I get a lot of appreciation from the people around me,” he said when asked about it – but he forces himself to smile when he watches the game. will be forgiven. Team Hotel on Sunday. He does not need to say that he is right – win or lose, he firmly believes it – but the vindication of his methods was against the United States, whether he wanted it or not.

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