Emily Ratajkowski Criticizes Netflix’s Blonde


Emily Ratajkowski weighed in on the controversy surrounding the Netflix movie Blonde and reacted to a commenter who dubbed her a “fake feminist.”

In a new TikTok, Emily began, “I’ve been hearing a lot about this Marilyn Monroe movie Blonde, which I haven’t seen yet, but I’m not surprised to hear that it’s yet another movie fetishizing female pain, even in death.”

“We love to fetishize female pain. Look at Amy Winehouse, look at Britney Spears, look at the way we obsess over Diana’s death, the way we obsess over dead girls and serial killers. Watch any CSI episode and it’s like this crazy fetishization of female pain and death.”

“I think as women, I mean I can say for myself for sure that I’ve learned how to fetishize my own pain and my own hurt in life, so that it feels like something that can be tended to, that’s kinda sexy, and like, you know: ‘I’m like this, oh, fucked up girl, whatever.'”

“But I was thinking about it and you know what’s kinda hard to fetishize? Anger. Anger is hard to fetishize. So I have a proposal. I think we all need to be a little more pissed off. I’m gonna be in my bitch era – 2022, baby, is my bitch era. This is, I think we should all be in our bitch era,'” she added.

Emily then responded to one comment that read, “‘Blurred Lines’ was terrible for feminism so her feminist take feels very fake” by lip-synching to the Lana Del Rey song “Ride” — specifically, the line that goes “I’m tired of feeling like I’m fucking crazy.”

“READ MY BOOK and stop telling women they’re fake feminists ITS INSANE,” she added in the caption, referencing her book of essays My Body.

You can read more about the Blonde controversy here.

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