England can still make the OneLove statement during the World Cup


Gareth Southgate hasn’t been ruled out england making a nod to replace the canceled “OneLove” armbands but warned against nations competing against each other to “be seen” to do something.

morning of the first match against england Iran On Monday, seven European nations committed to wearing specially designed rainbow anti-discrimination armbands, which were returned amid FIFA’s threats to require captains to be given at least one yellow card per game Could

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Although England took a knee before kick-off against Iran to continue a long-standing commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion, Southgate’s side opted to replace the “Onelove” armband with another display, such as Germanyplayers covering their faces in their prematch team photo before facing off Japan,

last month, Australia Released a three-minute video on Qatar’s human rights record, treatment of migrant workers and restrictions on the LGBTQ+ community and a call to action for England when they play the USMNT at the Al Bayt Stadium in Doha on Friday, Southgate said: “I think I have talked about these particular topics for more than a year.

“We’ve talked and supported all kinds of good causes, whether it’s individuals in our team or collectively. I think there’s a risk everyone tries to take. What, we’re better than Australia. Trying to make a video. did? It would be impossible. He did it brilliantly. Will we have to come up with a better quote than Germany’s?

“I think we should be comfortable that we know what we stand for. That’s not to say we won’t do something to move forward if the time is right, but I think if we do something to If we are running then we can make an error which does not land well.

“At the moment, for the sake of the players and ourselves in particular, we have to focus on the games. Of course, The FA takes responsibility very seriously. We are never going to sidestep any questions. The fact is we are still Talking about these matters puts them in the spotlight and helps raise awareness.

“We are definitely very supportive of our LGBTQ+ fanbase. I know some of them feel a little let down for not wearing armbands and we will be criticized for it. But sometimes we just have to accept the criticism happens and move on. This is how I see it: I think if we’re confident about ourselves and where we stand, we shouldn’t worry about needing to do something so that we can Be seen doing

harry maguire confirmed that the players had discussed their next move and that “we will act when we see fit” before considering a difficult spell manchester united Which made him fear for his place in England’s World Cup squad.

The 29-year-old has started just three Premier League games this season since being left out of the squad at Old Trafford and said: “Obviously to be picked for your country is a huge privilege. It’s the highlight of anyone’s football career. There is a peak on which to play.” Major tournaments, especially the World Cup. It is the biggest tournament in the world.

“Obviously you fear not being in the team, but what I’ve done in the 49 caps I’ve played for England, I’ve earned the confidence to be in the team and be available for the team. and selection.

“Obviously as a footballer nobody likes criticism but I think it’s part and parcel of the game. I’ve played with Cristiano Ronaldo For the last few years and he is one of the greatest players to ever kick the football and he gets criticized day in and day out.

“So, if it’s going to happen to him and the position I’m in, I think it’s part and parcel of the game, especially the position in which I’m playing for Manchester United and captaining Manchester United. “

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