Erin Doherty Felt A Pressure To Withhold Her Sexuality


The Crown star Erin Doherty didn’t think she could be succesful if she ever shared her true self with the world.

Erin, who portrayed a young Princess Anne during The Crown‘s third and fourth seasons, says that after landing the role, she felt pressure to hide her sexuality.

“I’m not gonna lie, I won’t name names, but when I got The Crown, I felt a lot of pressure to withhold my sexuality,” Erin said in an interview with The Telegraph.

She continued, “There was a period of time when I was like, ‘Do I get to be open about this in order to have a successful career?'”

In 2019, Erin made the decision to come out, going public with her girlfriend Sophie Melville, whom she had first met two years prior.

Looking back at the time she felt the need to conceal her sexuality, Erin says it’s “gutting” she ever had to question sharing her relationship.

“I’m really aware of all the people who have lived years and years and years, either in shame or denial, or just hiding,” Erin said.

She added, “Actors, actresses definitely stopping it getting out there in order to have a career, and I just want to be a part of trying to do something about that.”

And with numerous projects in the works, like her recently released series Chloe, it sounds like her career is thriving, even after opening up about her sexuality.

You can read all that Erin had to say here.

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