Euphoria Is Back And So Are Its Groundbreaking Makeup Looks

Euphoria Is Back And So Are Its Groundbreaking Makeup Looks

Unlike most of you who were excited about 2022 because well, “New Year New Me”, beauty enthusiasts like me were counting down the days to 2022 all because the second season of Euphoria was going to make a raging comeback. And it definitely did! Millions of fans across the world were glued to their TV screens when the first episode premiered. I know I was. After all, I woke up hella early on a Monday morning just so I could avoid the spoilers!

Well, it’s no secret that Euphoria is synonymous with creative and edgy makeup, no? This TV show was the reason that beauty as a concept saw a massive shift. Hey, we’re not complaining about it at all. While the first season of the show had some unforgettable makeup looks, right from Maddie’s bedazzled eyes to Jules’ dreamy clouds, we’ve loved them all. However, the second season isn’t too far behind when it comes to makeup. Doniella Davy, the leading makeup artist on this show has always ensured that the variety of makeup looks sported by each character is in tandem with the stories of their lives. That’s one hell of a talent, don’t you think so? Even though only 3 episodes of the second season have been out, there’s no shortage of vibrant and cool makeup. Here are a few looks that we just can’t seem to get enough of.

Maddie’s Sharp Flick

There’s nothing sharper than a classic Maddie Perez eyeliner flick, no? Paired with a frosty eyeshadow that’s making all of our Y2K dreams come true, this has got to be one of our favourites from this season.

Cassie’s Subtle Rhinestones

Would it really be Euphoria without any rhinestones? Here we see Cassie‘s eyelids encrusted with very subtle rhinestones in a winged shape on top of a warm peachy base. Definitely makes for a perfect brunch makeup look no?

Kat’s Colourful Grunge

Kat‘s makeup looks have always played around with a lot of colours. A refreshing twist, this bright eyeshadow reminds us of a very exciting summer day. Colourful grunge is never a bad idea!

Jules’ Eclectic Eyeliner

Edgy eyeliner is definitely entirely Jules‘ department. Whether it was her dreamy clouds in the first season or these insect-like twirls in the current season, we’ve always been taking some eyeliner inspo from her.

Lexie’s Rosy Eyes

We’re so excited to see Lexie have a front-row seat this season! This coral eyeshadow paired with specks of moonstone-toned silver is a very versatile look that could be sported anywhere!

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