Everything We Know So Far


One thing we know? It can’t come fast enough!

Heartstopper stole our hearts this year. The teen TV show based on a webcomic created by Alice Oseman was just what everyone needed, and we miss it already!

Thankfully, Netflix had the good sense to renew it! Here’s everything we know so far about Season 2:


It will be followed by a confirmed third season.


The gang is (probably) headed to Paris.


A new character will be introduced.


Things might get a little dark.

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As aforementioned, some secrets do come out during the Paris trip. Nothing relationship-threatening, don’t worry! But our beloved characters will be opening up about some mental health struggles they’ve been having which might hurt to witness.


Tao and Elle will (probably) finally get together.


We may get a new couple.


We shouldn’t expect any breakups.

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Let out that collective sigh of relief. Though Heartstopper does deal with real issues, the romances in the comics are generally safe, and for lack of a better descriptor, not toxic. These first loves are sweet, and if the show stays true to the comics, we won’t see any breakups. 


The full cast is expected to return.


Harry may try to make amends.

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In the Heartstopper comic, Harry attempts an apology but is too little, too late. If the apology scene is included in the show, prepare to feel vindicated by Charlie’s reaction, which isn’t exactly forgiving.


We could be meeting a new villain.

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While we shouldn’t expect any more grief from Harry, we may have a new villain to fear in Nick’s brother, David. In the Heartstopper comic, David is basically a jerk with no filter — kind of the anti-Tori Spring. If he appears in Season 2, prepare to hate him.


We probably won’t see it until 2023.

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