Exclusive! Amit Sadh: ‘I Have A Great Story That I Want To Make & Act In But We Are Struggling To Find A Producer’

Exclusive! Amit Sadh: ‘I Have A Great Story That I Want To Make & Act In But We Are Struggling To Find A Producer’

This year marks two decades in showbiz for Amit Sadh, who began his career on Television with the romantic show Kyun Hota Hai Pyarrr. He went on to do even reality shows like Bigg Boss during its first season, and I remember falling for that blue-eyed boy who just knew how to pluck on my heartstrings. Eventually he transitioned into cinema, and after a few small roles he got his big break in Kai Po Che!

Over the years, Amit made a name for himself playing some impactful intense roles on screen. Be it in the Abhishek Kapoor directorial, Sultan, Sarkar 3 or on the web in shows Breathe and its sequel, Avrodh: The Siege Within and Jeet Ki Zid. And even though I am mightily impressed by his intense portrayals, I do miss that romantic boy I saw on TV, and so does the actor himself.

Talking about romcoms, Amit says,

“I would love to do that. I don’t know why I don’t get them. Maybe because I do intense roles effectively. But I hope someone is reading this and gives me a romcom to do. That’s a different thing that I might add a little intensity to that too. I would like to do lighter films, like a comedy. I hope someone gives me a lighter, less intense role.”

But having spent so much time in the industry working, Amit is also looking to expand his horizons. A few years ago, the actor had opened up to me on working on a script that had interested some people. And as I ask an update on that, Amit comes clean.

He shares,

“I am struggling with it. I have a great story which I have not written, but I am behaving like an engine to the script. We are still struggling to get a producer for it and the writer and director of it is someone I really respect and look up to. But these are the struggles in life and it’s cool. Ryan Reynolds and the director of Deadpool took 8 years to find the right producer for that script. Everyone they went to earlier just asked how can a superhero cuss or fart on screen, but the rest in history. Mine is not that woke. But it’s a great story that I want to make and act in it as an actor. We are struggling to find a producer right now, but obstacle is the way. It’s time will come.”

I have always admired the path that Amit has taken for his career and the choices he has made over the years. Till date, he continues to impress me with that. The last two years gave me a chance to see a new and busier side of him, and I am certain that the future looks even brighter for Amit.

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