Exclusive! ‘If I Am A Dayan, Then I Had To Remove Rs 10 Lakhs From The Winner’s Amount Before I Left,’ – Bigg Boss 15’s Nishant Bhat

Exclusive! ‘If I Am A Dayan, Then I Had To Remove Rs 10 Lakhs From The Winner’s Amount Before I Left,’ – Bigg Boss 15’s Nishant Bhat

Bigg Boss 15 is over and I am badly missing it because it became a staple for me not just for three months, but six long ones. Yes, right from OTT I was a dedicated viewer of the reality show and I can only imagine that as an audience if I am missing the show so much, what would be the state of its contestants. Well, spending six months in that house was not easy for some, and one such person was choreographer Nishant Bhat.

I recently spoke to him and listening to him all about his journey left me amazed with the amazing six months he has had.

Read the excerpts from his interview here:

On his journey…

I had always wished to be on Bigg Boss, I have worked on the show behind the camera also, so I always thought of being a part of it. I have been a die-hard fan of Bigg Boss, the 6 months journey was of course not that easy. From the outside, Bigg Boss might look like an entertaining show, but spending 6 months on it is too much. In the past, people have taken a break and returned to the show, but this was the best experience I could get in my life. More than winning Bigg Boss, living in that house and treating it like my own has changed me as a person. This house has given me a lot of time to sort out some aspects of my life. It is the safest house you can be in.

On walking out with the Rs 10 Lakhs briefcase…

I have played this game with all my mind and heart, so the first thing that came to mind, I have done it. Even at that particular point, taking that money and leaving came to my mind. For me, winning Bigg Boss was important, but more than that I wanted the love of people. My main purpose to be on Bigg Boss was to be myself. As a choreographer also I have won a show, but I never got the love and recognition I got from Bigg Boss. The biggest thing for me was, I never got evicted from Bigg Boss and it was not acceptable to me for Bigg Boss to say that my journey ends here and I am evicted. I always wanted to enter and leave the show on my terms and I think I did that. Also, if I am a dayan, then I had to remove Rs 10 lakhs from the winner’s amount before I left.

On being on the show for such a long time…

I have worked with Colors before so they know that I am some mental boy and they loved me for the way I am. So, when they put me in that house, it was an experiment for them too. Honestly, I thought I would get evicted soon since I didn’t have the popularity that Shamita Shetty, Raqesh Bapat, Milind Gaba, Pratik Sehajpal, or anybody else had. They all are people with a fanbase. So I thought I would be out in the second episode. But people loved me, I always thought that if they got bored they would eliminate me.

On the lesson, he has learned on Bigg Boss…

Bigg Boss has helped me understand myself better. There were a few misconceptions I had about myself that turned out to be wrong. Plus it helped me explore lots of my hidden talents, like cooking, outside I was not even interested one percent in it. Bigg Boss is a difficult show, but it’s a life experience.

On his plans ahead…

I want to chill for some time, plus I don’t want to see faces of all those who I was with in that house, we all need a break from each other. Workwise a lot is happening, but I will resume anything after 10-15 days. I will go to Goa to chill, itna to banta hai mere liye.

Well, I am glad that Nishant had the experience of his life on the show and I also feel happy that I got to witness it as an audience. I wish him all the very best for the future!

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