Fanaa- Ishq Mein Marjawan, 16th February 2022, Written Update: Ishaan and Pakhi get locked

Fanaa- Ishq Mein Marjawan, 16th February 2022, Written Update: Ishaan and Pakhi get locked

In today’s episode, Agasthya visits Ayesha in the hospital and apologises for almost killing her. Pakhi keeps calling Agasthya but he doesn’t pick up the call. Then, Pakhi goes to Agasthya’s house and he asks her what happened. She tells that Ishaan thinks she deliberately removed Ayesha’s oxygen mask and says he hates her. Agasthya asks how can he do that and says that he finds Ishaan shady. Pakhi tells Ishaan loves her. Agasthya tells her that she’s ignoring the universe’s signs. 

Pakhi cries and Agasthya says he just doesn’t want her to get hurt. He asks her why did he lie about his whereabouts last night and Pakhi agrees and says she can’t ignore these signs. Agasthya gets happy and tells her that she deserves someone much better than Ishaan. Pakhi hugs him and tells she’s really grateful to have him. Yug asks the guard to break the chemical bottle in the pharmacy. On the way back, Pakhi decides to go meet Ishaan. Ishaan goes to the pharmacy and Pakhi follows him there. The pharmacy gets locked and the temperature drops. Huh informs Agasthya that Ishaan will freeze to death. Ishaan asks Pakhi what is she doing. He tells he shouldn’t have blamed her as Ayesha later confessed the truth. 

Agasthya checks his camera and sees Pakhi locked with Ishaan and he gets scared. He yells that he needs to get Pakhi out. Ishaan sees the door is locked and he screams at Pakhi and asks why did she come. She says she came to tell him the truth because she loves him. Ishaan tells he would’ve rather died alone than watch her into trouble as well. She tells him it’s fine and adds if they come out alive then they’ll make sure to trust each other. Agasthya goes to the pharmacy.

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