Flower vases under Rs 2999 for an alluring interior decor

Flower vases under Rs 2999 for an alluring interior decor

Flower vases are now available in distinctive shapes and sizes. Every vase is handcrafted for utmost artistic touch. Flower vases also are considered as an auspicious home decor element. They welcome positivity and symbolise financial health. Here are some flower vases under Rs. 2999 for an alluring interior decor. Let the floral at your home bring it too much of refreshment and fresh vibes. 


1. Micasa Vase Metallic for Home and Decor


This Micasa Vase Metallic is a premium quality metallic vase that is made in India. It is cylindrical in shape with white lilies painted on it. This vase can amp up your decor and uplift the beauty of every nook and corner of your house. 


Price: Rs. 3499

Deal: Rs. 2299

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2. AADIT CRREATION Golden Metallic Flower Vase 


This flower vase is made up of iron and has a very unique decorative design. It will give you a traditional vibe of brass that is appealing and eye catchy. This vase will give your dull corners a rich touch with minimum effort. Palace in your favourite floral and lit it with fairy lights. 



Price: Rs. 750

Deal: Rs. 670

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3. Innovative Handicrafts Geometric Designer Vase


This geometric vase is ideal for placing small heighted flowers on a side table or teapoy. You can also use it as a dining table decor for uplifting a luxe atmosphere. It is made up of iron which is not easily deformable. 



Price: Rs. 899

Deal: Rs. 649

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4. The Vintage Artefacts Donut White Pot


This donut shaped white pot is a ceramic vase. It has a matte finish and is handcrafted with utmost care. It is easy to clean and gives your decor a contemporary touch. This centrepiece of attraction will captivate all eyeballs.



Price: Rs. 1499

Deal: Rs. 599

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5. Purezento Flower Ceramic Vases


These ceramic vases come in a pack of 3. They are solid and have a matte finish. The beige shades of the vases makes it a family of artistic decor. With no water leakage, these vases provide uniqueness to the room where it is placed. 



Price: Rs. 2499

Deal: Rs. 1389

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6. RICHTER Golden Ceramic Vase


This vase has a rich look as it is made of high quality ceramics. The smooth finish and the classy gloss makes it a splurge worthy decorative piece. It gives a touch of modernity and sophistication wherever it is placed on. 



Price: Rs. 3980

Deal: Rs. 1549

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7. Craftribal White Minimalist Ceramic vase 


This Craftribal White Minimalist Ceramic vase is a classy home decor that you shouldn’t resist buying. It holds artificial as well as real flora with water. The matte finish and the inverted U shape of the vase makes it an alluring interior decor. 



Price: Rs. 1099

Deal: Rs. 899

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8. Artysta ‘Madhubani Jungle’ Hand-Painted Earthen Terracotta Vase


This Terracotta Vase has a hand painted Warli design. It elevates the tribal ethnicity at a convenient price. The structure of the vase and high quality paint makes it a traditional yet modern piece of art. It has the capacity to hold any flowers with utmost ease. 



Price: Rs. 1499

Deal: Rs. 1199

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Flower arrangements at home play a crucial role in uplifting the interiors as well as the mood. The vases in which they are placed help them to bloom and disseminate refreshing vibes. Now you have got an opportunity to add an attractive feature to the dull nooks of your house with these artistic flower vases.

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