France complains to FIFA after Griezmann’s goal was disallowed


Doha, Qatar — France are filing a complaint to FIFA after a last-gasp equalizer by antoine griezmann was disallowed after a video review after the final whistle of their World Cup match against Tunisiathe French federation said on Wednesday.

Griezmann volleyed eight minutes into stoppage time, but the goal was disallowed when the forward was found to be offside. aurelian tchoumeni Sent the ball into the field.

, Why VAR disallowed Griezmann’s offside goal

The ball was deflected by a Tunisian defender into the path of Griezmann, who was offside at the time, but the effort was disallowed and Tunisia won the game 1–0.,

However, the French federation believes that the referee and VAR made a technical error in the process.

“We are writing a complaint after, in our opinion, Antoine Griezmann’s goal was unfairly disallowed. This complaint has to be lodged within 24 hours after the final whistle,” the FFF said in a statement.

According to the French national team, referee Michel Conger allowed the goal deep in extra time and restarted the game before blowing it to full time. Conger was then told by VAR to check an offside position by Griezmann and went to the pitchside monitor before the goal was disallowed.

IFAB’s Law 1.10 on VAR states that if play is restarted, VAR can no longer intervene, therefore the Laws of the Game allow the referee to check the goal and then disallow it. should not be given.

The FFF has sent its statement to FIFA asking for the goal to be reinstated and France to draw 1-1 with Tunisia. This would change the points in the Group D table for Tunisia and France, but would not change the final places or the teams that advanced to the knockout rounds.

This report used information from Reuters.

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