From Beyoncé Knowles to Justin Timberlake; 5 singers who left bands for successful solo careers

From Beyoncé Knowles to Justin Timberlake; 5 singers who left bands for successful solo careers


When a musical band or group disbands, it does not necessarily signify the end of a great — and financially rewarding — music career for its former members. Many times, members of successful bands have departed to seek solo careers. These don’t always work, but on occasion, solo performers become as successful as, if not more popular than, their bands. There have been scores of successful artists who moved from being one of a handful to being the only one on stage. Here’s a small example.


Back in the day, when she wasn’t known by just one name but as Beyonce Knowles, a member of Destiny’s Child, she was probably the group’s highlight. Going solo after Destiny’s Child disbanded in 2005 proved to be a profitable move for Beyoncé Knowles. With USD 81 million in earnings for the year, the singer was ranked No. 20 on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list for 2019, as per Entertainment Weekly.



Justin Timberlake


With respect to Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick, and the other members of N*Sync, Timberlake is the group’s star. He has progressed from his boy band roots to become a big pop singer. While ’90s boy bands were typically mocked, Timberlake has achieved critical and commercial success.


Gwen Stefani


While she was in No Doubt, the band’s music video for “Don’t Speak” clearly addressed the reality that Stefani often received media attention, leaving her bandmates in the shadows. Stefani subsequently left No Doubt to become a huge solo pop singer, therefore the prophecy came true.


Harry Styles


Boy bands faded for a while in the United States, but then One Direction appeared. Another five-person gang that would ultimately break apart. Styles seems to be the greatest star among the group’s members, all of whom have done solo work. Styles has maintained a steady presence on the charts as a solo artist, with singles such as “Adore You,” “Sign of the Times,” and “Watermelon Sugar.”




John Lennon


The Beatles revolutionised mainstream music. The Fab Four eventually broke up and went their own ways. Lennon went on to have a solo career, which included the smash “Imagine.” He may have had a far bigger post-Beatles career if he hadn’t been murdered in 1980.


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