Gaslit: Starz releases the much-awaited teaser with Julia Roberts and Sean Penn in new avatars

Gaslit: Starz releases the much-awaited teaser with Julia Roberts and Sean Penn in new avatars

The new Starz series Gaslit‘s official teaser just came out and it is every shade of perfection. The costume and makeup departments outdid themselves as Julia Roberts and Sean Penn, who are playing the pivotal roles of Martha Mitchell and her husband Attorney General John Mitchell, are absolutely unrecognizable in the teaser. 

The show is based on the massive 1972 Watergate scandal that led to the eventual eviction of President Richard Nixon. The showrunner, Robbie Pickering, in his statement, via ET Canada, gave an introduction to the series and said, “Gaslit is the Watergate story you’ve never heard before.” He went on to add, “At the center of the show is Martha Mitchell, an unlikely whistleblower who is the first person to bust the whole scandal wide open and ultimately becomes the subject of a vicious White House smear campaign enacted in part by her own beloved husband.”

Check out the official teaser of Gaslit:

The creator continued and elaborated, “We also feature John Dean, a hotshot administration lawyer dragged into the coverup and thrust into the spotlight with his acerbic, whip-smart wife, Mo.” “The goal in making this project has always been to bring a real humanity to this subject, which yields a far richer and more relatable story than the standard male-driven political dramas about the period,” added Pickering.

Finally, he complimented the cast and said, “I can’t wait for viewers to experience the extraordinary performances in this remarkable ensemble, led by Julia Roberts, brought to life in this thrilling, stranger-than-fiction tale of marriage, love, betrayal, and ultimately, hope.”

The series is set to release on April 24, via Starz.

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