Geeky Girls Are Sharing Times They Experienced Sexism From Their Community, And It’s So Patronizing



“I used to play Garry’s Mod all the time, back when youtube gamers played lots of Prop Hunt and TTT. I ended up on a Prop Hunt server with these guys who seemed pretty chill, and we played together for a good few hours. I mostly stuck to text chat but started to feel pretty comfortable after the few hours we’d been playing together, so I turned on my mic. Big mistake. I barely got two words out before one of the dudes was like, ‘Wait, you’re a chick?’ My response was something like, ‘Yeah, so?’ and from then on, all the dudes started making fun of me and saying other really disgusting things. Dudes that were on my own team started killing me at the beginning of every round.

“I left a couple of rounds later, turned my mic off again, and went into another server, but one of the dudes from the previous server kept chasing me around different servers until I just quit the game altogether. I played GMod with some dudes that were genuinely my best friends and I knew wouldn’t give me any shit.


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