Get to know your partner better with THESE games that’ll spice up your Valentine’s Day the next level

Get to know your partner better with THESE games that’ll spice up your Valentine’s Day the next level

If anxiety and mini panic attacks are what you get during a date, you are not alone! Most of us ditch being on a date in the fear of boring the only person we don’t want to be tired of us. Not knowing what to speak, where to start or running out of topics to speak is quite common no matter how long you have been dating. This Valentine’s Day, release that pressure with these playful couple games that’ll help you take your relationship to the next level. These games will give the perfect opportunity to get to know your date better, know their likes and dislikes and all in a funny and interesting manner. 


Saucy Spins


This game gets exciting over each step. It comes with 4 tracks. You’ll have to select a track, spin the wheel and do the task to move forward and win points. The box comprises a board, 2 coins, a spin wheel, an instruction manual and 8 packs of cards. Of course, it gets naughty, exciting and adventurous as you move forward with each step in the track!

Price: Rs 1990

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Conversation Card Game for Couples 


If you find yourselves often talking about work, weather, friends and nothing else, sorry to tell you but your relationship is downhill! Get intimate, add some romance into words and validate your affection. And if you are too shy, this game can make it easy for you! 


Price: Rs 549

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Couples Tarot Cards


With 100 thought-provoking questions that’ll help to convey your mind and also get to know them better, this card game is something you can play at your at-home date night or while on a road trip. It can work as a great conversation starter if you are on a break at the moment and patch up before February 14th.


Price: Rs 499

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Love Island Couple Game


Roll the dice, get the colour, play the task and have fun! It’s a simple game that can easily make one comfortable and open up their goofy side. This exclusive board game has 4 sets of cards, each coloured differently. Each time you roll the dice, you have to follow the instructions on the corresponding card. 


Price: Rs 894

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The Talk-Flirt-Dare Game


The game consists of three sets of cards, where the talk cards include questions to start fun couple conversations at parties and the rest two cards come with dares that’ll help you refuel the connection in your marriage or relationship. All you have to do is pick a card and answer the question or complete the romantic dare with your partner.


Price: Rs 549

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Here’s a healthy tip to make the games more fun! Ask your partner if they would be interested in playing this game and give them an outline of how exactly it works. It’s 2022 bro, nothing is more romantic than consent! 


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