Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 26 March 2023 Satya falls in love with Sai doing funny things Virat warns him GHKKPM


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Virat tells Satya that ‘You are a doctor appointed by the Medical Council and are leading Sai’s case, aren’t you?’ Satya asks who gave this information to him. Sai takes Virat out and requests him not to get involved in the investigation. Sai walks in and asks Satya to continue with the investigation. Satya asks why is Virat behaving like her current husband.

Virat, Savi’s talk –

Satya wakes up and asks what everyone is doing in his room. Everyone asks if he is going to marry her. Satya says that he is helping her just, but they don’t believe him. Virat questions Savi about many things. Savi tells him that she does not remember this. She asks him if Sai is fine.

Sai apologized
The next day, Satya asks Sai to come with him to investigate his case. Sai is shocked at first and then agrees to go with him. Virat notices everything. On the way, Satya mocks Sai. Sai says I have apologized to you for misunderstanding.

beginning of love
On the way, Savi shows Virat the way to Konkoli. Virat thanks Savi for helping him. Virat asks her not to tell Sai about their picnic. Virat promises in his heart that he will save Sai. Sai takes Satya to the hospital where she operated on Pakhi. Later Satya scolds the shop owner for not making paneer well then he teaches how to make Kolapur paneer. Sai tells Satya that she is getting late. She sees Sai in the video call and asks Satya what they are doing together and asks if they have started loving each other.

Precap – Bhavani feeds sweet curd to Sai. Asks to feed Ashwini, but Ashwini denies it. The verdict in the court surprised everyone.

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