Google Announces Toll Prices Feature, Improves iOS, Apple Watch Support

Google Announces Toll Prices Feature, Improves iOS, Apple Watch Support

Google Maps on Tuesday announced a set of features that will roll out to users in select countries, including India. The service will allow users to check estimated toll prices before a trip begins, and can identify available toll-free routes. Google Maps for iOS has also been updated with a pinned widget on the Home Screen, as well as direct navigation from an Apple Watch. The company has also announced that an upcoming update will bring Siri and Shortcuts integration with Google Maps on iOS, arriving later this year.

In an announcement on Tuesday, Google revealed that users in India, Indonesia, Japan and the US will be able to access toll prices on the Google Maps app, later this month. Users will have access to estimated toll pricing before they begin their trip, and the company says that the toll prices feature will rely on information from local tolling authorities. Google says that support for the toll prices feature in other countries is “coming soon”.

Google says the new toll prices feature on Google Maps will be released in India
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The toll prices feature will also allow users to calculate the cost of tolls on their route, while taking to consideration different factors — including payment methods like a toll pass, the day of the week, the time of day, and so on. The company says that Google Maps will offer details on over 2,000 toll roads.

For users who want to avoid tolls altogether, Google Maps will continue to offer the option to look for toll-free routes altogether. According to the company, users can simply tap on the three dots at the top of the app to access route options and select Avoid tolls to access alternative routes, wherever available.

Alongside the new toll prices feature, the company also announced a new update for iOS users that will bring a new pinned trip widget showing them trips they have pinned in their Go Tab on the latest version of the Google Maps app. According to Google, the new pinned widget will show users their arrival time, when their next public transport trip will depart, and suggest directions and routes for users who prefer to drive.

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The Google Maps app on iOS will also gain support for Siri integration in the coming months
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The update will also bring improved Apple Watch support, including the ability to navigate automatically on the smartwatch — this will be available to users in a few weeks. Users will also be able to add a “Take me home” shortcut to their screen, which will instantly start navigation on the Apple Watch, the company said.

Google Maps will also gain access to iOS Spotlight, Siri, and Shortcuts integration later this year, according to the company. Users will be able to set up Shortcuts on iOS, allowing them to use voice commands like “Hey Siri, get directions” or “Hey Siri, search in Google Maps”. These features will be available in the coming months, according to Google.

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