Hailey Bieber's Rhode beauty range to have ALL products under 30 USD

Hailey Bieber's Rhode beauty range to have ALL products under 30 USD

Hailey Bieber’s every move is often decoded. The model who seems put-together at all times has a sense of style that is imitated by not just her fans but celebrities as well. Mrs Bieber brought back oversized clothing and every outfit, accessory and glam look of the model becomes a trend.

Known for her glazed donut skin, Bieber announced last year that she was excited to launch her own beauty range. In a conversation with Allure magazine, where Mrs Bieber was the cover star, she spilled the beans on Rhode beauty. After speaking with beauty and skincare experts and celebrities like Kim Kardashian who is also known for her beauty products, Bieber admitted that the beauty space is a saturated one with new faces and celebrities. But her line is going to be something refreshing and different, she clarified to the magazine confidently.

The model’s interest in beauty has come from her lineage. Her grandmother was a makeup artist who passed her knowledge on to her mother and then Hailey. And one thing she’s been fixated on ever since she began working on Rhode two years ago, is hydration. She also kept affordability in mind and ensured that all her products are within 30 USD while the initial few launches focus on maintaining the skin’s moisture barrier.

While she is excited about the launch, Bieber who has time and again reiterated the importance of ‘glazed donut skin’ before going to bed for healthy and fluffy skin the next day, also told Allure that she is open to feedback and wants the brand to surprise people with her products.

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