Happy Birthday Nora Fatehi: Garmi to Saki Saki, 5 hook steps that became an instant hit

Happy Birthday Nora Fatehi: Garmi to Saki Saki, 5 hook steps that became an instant hit

Do you have a knack for dancing and you’re looking to learn something new? Well, Nora Fatehi’s dance videos are the most promising tutorials for you. Actress Nora Fatehi has made a place for herself in the hearts of her fans with her enviable dance moves and unmatched beauty. Her dance videos are cherished globally and people from several countries love copying her hook steps. From Garmi to Saki Saki, Nora has given us a list of some rocking hits. As Nora turns a year old, we bring to you five hook steps that you must try.


Nora Fatehi grabbed all the eyeballs with her scintillating dance track Dilbar from Satyamev Jayate. Her killer belly dancing moves won millions of hearts. Want to try it on? All you need to do is put one hand on your head and the other on your elbow. Ready? Now, lift up your right hip and drop on every beat. Right, you got it. Congratulations, you are a certified awesome dancer! 


Garmi, this song that was on almost everyone’s playlist. Nora Fatehi’s stunning performance was praised by all. Nora made the hook step look effortlessly stunning. To try that, you need to pull your left hip back, stretch as much as you can and twirl on the beat. Isn’t that easy? 


Dance Meri Rani

Nora Fatehi’s song Dance Meri Rani by Guru Randhawa is trending furiously on social media. People are going gaga over the song and fans have already created thousands of reels by grooving to the peppy song. Tell us, how many times have you played this on your radios during your road trips? Be honest!


Saki Saki

Nora Fatehi had grabbed attention after appearing in the song Saki Saki. She looked as sensual as her dance moves. She flaunted her flexibility and performed the tough signature step. One can learn the hook step of this smashing dance number of Nora with the utmost ease. 



A highly popular International single of Nora Fatehi Pepeta went viral in no time. It was sung by Ray Vanny and Nora herself. If you want to give it a try, you need to move your hands and legs in one direction with the music. 


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