Happy Birthday Son Ye Jin: 5 Reasons why we can't wait for the Crash Landing on You star's Hollywood debut

Happy Birthday Son Ye Jin: 5 Reasons why we can't wait for the Crash Landing on You star's Hollywood debut

It’s genuinely hard to believe that Son Ye Jin has turned 40 today, i.e. January 11. The gorgeous Hallyu star has captured the hearts of millions and millions across the globe with her hit dramas and movies like Crash Landing on You and The Negotiation. It’s all thanks to her impressive acting range and ability to captivate you in every frame. A while back, came the announcement that Son Ye Jin will be making her Hollywood debut in Andrew Niccol’s Cross.

Also starring Sam Worthington and Lee Sun Kyun, Cross narrates the tale of people living in a multiracial country that’s been split into two sides; the wealthy nation and the poor nation. When it comes to Ye Jin’s character in the sci-fi film, we will see the Crash Landing on You star playing Vera, a single mother to her son, living near the poor nation’s border and whose husband dies while trying to escape to the wealthy side. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, there hasn’t been much news about Cross as of yet. Nevertheless, Son Ye Jin fans are eagerly awaiting her Hollywood debut.

Here are 5 reasons why we’re excited about birthday girl Son Ye Jin’s Hollywood debut:

Son Ye Jin, Son Ye Jin & Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin’s aura is truly otherworldly and over the years, audiences of all ages and around the world have been spellbound by her acting. Given how Crash Landing on You enabled Ye Jin to reach ever newer heights than was thought possible, in terms of her popularity, it will be interesting to see Son making even more International fans with her Hollywood debut.

Versatile Acting Range

As I’ve mentioned before, Son Ye Jin’s acting range is nothing short of spectacular and all the proof you need is in her “Grand Slam” career (also the youngest actress to achieve this feat of winning the three major Korean film awards for Best Actress!), which includes 6 Baeksang Arts Awards, 4 Grand Bell Awards and 6 Blue Dragon Film Awards. While her popular dramas include Crash Landing on You and Something in the Rain, her successful movie credits include The Negotiation and The Last Princess, amongst numerous others.

Characters We Love

Another endearing quality about Son Ye Jin is her ability to embody any and every character with a sense of bada*s grace. The most recent example would be Crash Landing on You’s Yoon Se Ri, who was as boss lady as she was vulnerable. Ye Jin has the power to make you fall in love with her complex characters and we bet, Vera from Cross will be no different!

Chemistry 101

Speaking of Crash Landing on You (because we still can’t get enough!), Son Ye Jin’s chemistry with real life boyfriend Hyun Bin (who played Captain Ri Jung Hyuk) melted hearts all around the world as it enabled in truthfully portraying a unique, twisted love story between a North Korean and a South Korean. Similarly, her chemistry with other actors like Jung Hae In, Lee Min Ho and So Ji Sub, just to name a few, was well received.

Evergreen Beauty & Impeccable Fashion Sense

Besides her spectacular acting range, one also can’t get enough of how stunning Son Ye Jin looks, where you’re almost left enchanted by it. Moreover, her ‘always on fleek’ fashion sense, whether it be as her characters or IRL, is where many of us get our style inspiration from.

Are you excited for Son Ye Jin’s Hollywood debut? Do share your excitement along with your lovely birthday messages for Son Ye Jin in the comments section below.

Happy Birthday, Son Ye Jin!

Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin’s next project is Thirty, Nine, a drama also starring Jeon Mi Do and Kim Ji Hyun. Based on the beautiful and emotional everyday stories of three friends, 39, who met in their second year of high school, are on the verge of turning 40 and who encounter unforeseen circumstances, Thirty, Nine premieres in February 2022.

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