Hemp Seeds And Chia Seeds: Which One Is Healthier And Why?

Hemp Seeds And Chia Seeds: Which One Is Healthier And Why?

Chia seeds contain a lot of healthy fats and are higher in omega 3s

We are often asked to include a variety of seeds, chia, flax, hemp, among others, in our diet. Seeds are considered to be extremely nutritious.  They are loaded in fibres and can help in keeping various diseases or health ailments at bay. Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal has posted the health benefits and qualities of hemp and chia seeds on Instagram. The caption of the post states, “Hemp has the highest protein content and has a good amount of zinc. Flax provides the highest content of ALA and has the best ratio of omega-6 to omega-3. Chia seeds have the highest content of fibre and calcium.”

Here are a few points you must know about hemp seeds and chia seeds:


1) Hemp seeds are high in protein

2) They contain lots of healthy fats

3) They are a complete source of essential amino acids

4) Hemp seeds are known to be a better source of iron, zinc and magnesium


1) Chia seeds are loaded with fibres

2) These contain a lot of healthy fats and are higher in omega 3s

3) They are complete sources of essential amino acids

4) Chia seeds are better sources of phosphorus, calcium and manganese

Take a look:

This is not the first time Nmami Agarwal has highlighted the importance of including seeds in our diets. Prior to this, she did a series on Instagram wherein, she would discuss different food combinations. In one such video, she spoke about buttermilk and chia seeds. Nmami stated that this food combination is filled with soluble fibre, a good source of calcium and vitamin B12 and D. Buttermilk strengthens the immune system and boosts digestion. Whereas, chia seeds promote liver function and support in maintaining good gut health.

Nmami Agarwal also shares tips related to one’s health overall. Earlier in January, she gave five tips to remain healthy all through the year. She has suggested not to make resolutions in order to restrict yourself in any way. She advised bringing in small changes in life that are healthy. Follow a proper rainbow diet that consists of various different food items. Exercise daily and increase your physical activities and go for regular health checkups.

So, do follow a healthy lifestyle. Hope these tips help you out.

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