Here’s how to charm your in laws in an arranged marriage

Here’s how to charm your in laws in an arranged marriage

When you’re faced with the prospect of an arranged marriage, you probably want your future spouse’s family to adore you. Yet, for most parents, accepting the fact that they are giving away their child to you can be a daunting prospect. Hence, anything you can do along the way to make them more amenable to the cause would be a huge help. Should you be looking for ways to charm your in laws, then read on. We spell out a few ways you can do so, especially if you have an arranged marriage.

  1. Bring over some great cooking

It may be time to bring out the big guns, so one of the things to do is cook up your signature dish and bring it over to your in laws. If you happen to be a woman, it’s a great way to let them know that you know your way to your man’s heart. And for men it is a grand way to convey to your in laws that you subscribe to no gendered roles and would happily cook for their daughter. Share the recipe with your mother-in-law to bond a little.

  1. Dress well

You needn’t always dress for a party. However, be it visiting their home, heading to a relative’s place or even shopping with your new in laws, it would be prudent to pay a little extra attention to ensure you are well groomed and dressed. Remember that they would likely show you off to their extended family and friends in their neighborhood, so you want to do them proud. Hence, leave behind your regular clothes like trackpants or shorts for something more appropriate like trousers and a crisp shirt. Women too can dress in smart casuals or cute ethnic kurtis.

  1. Invite your mother-in-law for a hang out session with your mom

One of the easiest ways to ensure your in laws think highly of you is to have them hang out with your mom. After all, one can always count on mums to sing our praises! So plan a spa session for the ladies or send them to get manicures together; some quality time for both the sides of in laws would help them better understand you and even come to love you.

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No matter what you do, you must remember not to criticise your spouse in front of your in laws (at least in the beginning), as then they might have a hard time liking you.

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