Horoscope Weekly, February 21-27, 2022: This week's astrology prediction for zodiac signs Pisces, Aries, Leo

Horoscope Weekly, February 21-27, 2022: This week's astrology prediction for zodiac signs Pisces, Aries, Leo

Horoscope Weekly: Want to know how the stars have aligned to send a message to you as per your zodiac sign for February 21-27, 2022? Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Leo, what advice should you follow? Read your weekly predictions to find out.


Aries sign people might have noticed that your well-being improved over the past few weeks. Challenges and changes arrive in your relationships, but it’s nothing that you can’t handle if you choose to remain calm and peaceful. Focus on being kind, caring and gentle and make way for a very long-lasting relationship. You will need to work on your health and your finances very diligently this week because you will have a lot of workload as well as face some health issues. Your reputation will grow and spread far and wide this week. You will also gain victory in most of the deals taken this week. Those awaiting a promotion are likely to get the good news this week itself hence all in all a good week for you this week. Gains from speculative investments are indicated as well this week. Do lots of dancing, physical activity and drink lots of water and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. 


Taurus sign people, your business associates will be very content and happy with your work this week. You will be a lot smarter and disciplined than you have been in the past few days this week. The stars are aligned in your favour this week and nothing significant bad will happen this week. The possibility of your business expanding internationally is quite high this week. Hence, your business will do amazing this week. The consequences of the immense amount of happiness that you’re feeling this week will be seen in your health as well as your personal life. But you need to work on improving your diet by eliminating sweets, especially for your throat. Work on avoiding foods like dairy or sweets. Having a habit of drinking warm water can highly benefit you. Your loved ones will be safe and sound, which is the major thing you will be concerned about this week. You will also donate some amount to charity.


Gemini sign people a new and different work opportunity will open up for you which will bring a chain of opportunities shortly itself. You need to think out of the box as well as go the extra mile to reap maximum benefits from this opportunity. Prioritise yourself this week and try to find things that you’re passionate about and people who make you happy this week. You need to listen to your financial advisor and take your time. Your love life will be better than it’s ever been this week. You’re likely to rush the process and skip the analysing and strategising part, which can ruin all the profit you have made from the new prospect. You will have a great time with your loved ones and your partner this week. Live in the moment and try not to rush things. You have an ample amount of time. You will make great profits in your business as well, hence all in all a good week for you this week.


Cancer sign people will be very busy at work; your focus will be good and you will have a great time working throughout this week. You will be able to use your strength to implement your plans in the business or work, in terms of growth. You will get help from your network to make it possible. You won’t be tempted to chuck it all away, but you’ll want to make a move of some kind in a completely different direction. Your business will work out great for you this week. Expect some changes in your place, position or responsibilities at work, in terms of promotions. Your seniors will appreciate your work. Your family will support you to get success at work, which will maintain harmony in your house. Your opponents and hidden enemies won’t bother you this week. If you’re in a relationship you will take important decisions in terms of marriage with the help of your relatives or friends.


Leo sign people, this week is going to be quite exciting and positive. Your sign has very great plans for you this week. You will have to make important decisions and they will turn out in your favour, hence accordingly you will achieve great success. You are going to increase your sources of income and that will allow you to get an even better standard of living. Due to your great leadership qualities, your team will give you a very rewarding response. Your issues with your finances are going to get under control. You will not be able to give proper time to your family, but they will understand you and will support you for that. By the end of the week, happiness will be with you. It will help you to be calm and to be patient. And you will generate good income from your past investments. As you will earn more, you will be able to change your lifestyle. 


Virgo sign people will work hard and be rewarded this week itself. At the start of a week, you will feel better. You will be very generous throughout the week. So, you are advised to control your spending and manage your money. Your good deeds can convert into overspending and because of that, you can end up creating problems with your family. You are advised to be calm and consult your family before making any decisions, focus on your family this week. You will need to face financial management issues and you even need to decide on making valuable investments. People in love should take care of each other. Things will slowly get under control. You will again be able to control your expenses properly which will help you to come out of the intense phase of life.


Libra sign people, this week will be important for your profession. You may be attracting partners this week who are more concerned with freedom than with pairing, or who seem to be quite extravagant. Your mind will be at its creative best this week. You will keep busy at work; your focus towards your goal as well as your patience will be tested. With the help of patience, you might be able to achieve your goals on time. Your dedication to work will be tested many times. Professionally you have a lot of work piled up this week that you need to finish and hence you need to be ready and capable of it, physically, mentally and emotionally. Expect some rewards as the result of hard work at the end of the week. You are likely to make investments in fixed assets as well. Expect to hear good news in terms of parents’ health. Your losses will convert into gains by the end of this week. Your past dead investments might become profitable as well.



Scorpio sign people will have a tough week. You will feel unhappy and detached from your responsibilities, which will affect your productivity. Your grip on your projects will become slow, which might create some loss in the business or at work. You might be a victim of conspiracy at work which only worsens your situation. This week you will be provided with ample opportunities to prove yourself at work as well, which, in turn, may also lead to your promotion. You need to be careful in terms of hidden enemies and opponents. You are advised to be careful in the way you speak; otherwise, you might face losses in the near future. You should avoid making investments in risky assets. Practicing meditation and yoga will help you to come out of this messy situation. You are advised to avoid lending money to anyone, as luck is not in your sign’s favour for this week.


Sagittarius sign people will meet like-minded personalities. Overbearing people could threaten to overwhelm you with conflicting plans and unreasonable demands, and the best thing you can do is take a patient, helpful attitude. This week some influential people will think of you as trustworthy and their belief in you will bring you great opportunities. Try to stay away from fire and water in excessive amounts. Your peers will plan a surprise long-distance trip, but you should avoid it as Rahu is not in your favour. When it comes to romantic relationships, your partner and you will be able to find solutions to your concerns. You will try things of each other’s interest and will enjoy it. Marriage is not on the list yet but it will be soon. Try to spend some time with your in-laws and family as they need some healing after how the pandemic has affected you.



Capricorn sign people will feel imbalanced and divided between love life and work life. Your relationship will demand undivided attention and on the other hand, your work will be hectic. Your subordinates will let you work independently and you will find different approaches to meet your work demands. Your creative insight will gain you extra appreciation. You will feel confident and figure out a new way to earn money. You will bring good deals to your family business. The responsibilities of your current job will also increase and issues related to property will also be resolved. This week is fortunate for enhancing your business overseas. On domestic fronts, your children’s education and spouse’s mental health would create an issue, but this will also give you enough time to connect to your nuclear family. People in love will take their relationship to another level and deal with hardship conveying their intentions to family. You will also be inclined towards charity and spirituality. Don’t stress too much, time has a big basket of happiness ahead.


Aquarius sign people might experience a positive shift in your love life this week. You are loving and caring towards your partner and you will feel that it is reciprocated as well. Hence, it is a great week for you and your partner. Your health is perfectly fine. Mentally you will feel your best this week. Physically you might need some help to get you through all the obstacles this week as it will be a little tiring, but you will receive all the help you need easily. Your love life is taking a highly positive turn and you are about to discover new ways to express your sentiments towards the person you love. This is a great week for your relationship to flourish into the next big thing.



Pisces sign people will gain some insight in terms of your career in your future. Updating your knowledge during this time will help you a lot in the future. Trust the timing and practice patience. Your family will appreciate your efforts and this week will be filled with happiness for you. Do not waste this week worrying about the lack of new opportunities. You might go through some health-related problems therefore make sure you are careful about your health. This week will be trouble-free for you. You will do your best when it comes to your love life and show your patient approach to maintain a tranquil life this week. Your leadership skills will help you move past any hurdles without much effort. This will be a good week to retrospect and think about your progress. The income flow will be better this week and people in business will incur profits. Take care of your gut health and express your feelings easily.

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