“House Of The Dragon” Episode 7 Thoughts Recap


16. Well, at least the Targaryen/Velaryon cousins are getting along.

17. Wait, did Lucerys just say the line??

18. He said “I dun want it”!

19. Kid’s clearly related to Jon Snow.

20. Aww, actually the line after that was so sad, though. “If I’m lord of Driftmark, it means everyone’s dead.”

21. Aegon’s really downing that wine. That’s exactly what you want to do at a family funeral where everyone hates each other. No way that’ll go wrong for you.

22. Laenor is absolutely breaking my heart.

23. Corlys, let your son grieve! Damn!

24. Daemon’s all, “yeah, the gods were certainly cruel to your frickin’ face.”

25. “I’m going to bed, Aemma.” Uh oh. Uh ohhhhh. Our boy’s not doing well.

26. Listen, say what you want about Otto Hightower, but it was very satisfying to see him pick up his shitty little drunk grandson by the arm and tell him off.

27. Rhaenys isn’t wrong. Corlys tied his kids to this absolutely fucked-up family in his pursuit of power and he’s paying the price for it now.

28. But honestly, Corlys is right too. History remembers names. There would always be rumors with Rhaenyra’s kids, but who’s going to actually do something about it?

29. Ah, now begins the part of the episode where EVERYTHING IS SO DARK THAT I CAN’T SEE ANYTHING.

30. Oh shiiiiit Daemon suspects Alicent! 

31. Ugh, it’s incest time again, isn’t it?

32. This makes me uncomfy, I’ll be back in about a minute.

33. Oh, they’re still going.

34. Phew, that’s finally done.

35. Oh GOOD, more Aemond. 

36. He’s going to steal this dragon, isn’t he?

37. That little shit. He’s stealing his cousin’s dead mother’s dragon on the night of her funeral???

38. Buck him off, Vhagar!

39. You don’t need this kid!

40. Damn it, he hung on.

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