“House Of The Dragon” Episode 7 Trailer Breakdown


It opens with a funeral for Laena.

We see Laenor, Rhaenyra and her children, and Viserys and Alicent and their children, gathered to mourn at what appears to be Driftmark.

We hear Corlys saying, “What is this brief mortal life, if not the pursuit of legacy?”

Then we hear Otto say, “We play an ugly game.”

We see Rhaenys dropping a ring onto a table.

It’s hard to tell but it looks like a ring she was wearing on her index finger earlier in the season.

We then see Rhaenys’ face, and she understandably looks deeply unhappy.

We get a shot of our big baby girl Vhagar.

Then we see Alicent on a ship with Larys lurking in the background — no doubt going to/from Driftmark. We hear someone (Larys?) say, “If you are to be a strong queen, your subjects must fear you.”

There’s a shot of a very serious-looking Rhaenyra.

We see fire coming from what looks like Vhagar’s throat as we hear Rhaenyra saying, “Fire is such strange power. Everything that House Targaryen possesses is owed to it.”

There’s a shot of THAT dagger near a fire, which we know can reveal its secrets.

Daemon, Rhaenyra, and Corlys huddle around a blood-spattered Luke.

There’s a close-up of a dragon’s eye.

Then we see Daemon and Laena’s twins watching as someone moves near Vhagar in the darkness outside.

They wake what appears to be Jace, and tell him, “Someone stole Vhagar”.

There’s a shot of Vhagar’s huge foot.

And a blonde (one of the Targaryens?) putting somoone in a chokehold in the Hall of Nine at High Tide.

Laenor looks very angry and fights someone with brown hair.

Someone wearing a hood (Daemon? He loves hoods!) looks at the docks.

We hear an upset Alicent say, “There is a debt to be paid.”

What looks like Corlys and Rhaenys rush into a crowded Hall of Nine — we can see Baela and Rhaena in the center of the room.

Then Jace falls to the ground next to someone — probably Luke.

A bloodied Rhaena and Baela stand together looking scared.

In another sequence, we can see Daemon skulking somewhere.

Rhaenyra says, “This is the highest of treasons,” as she stands protectively in front of a bloodied Jace, with Corlys in the background.

Cut to: this fucking guy is back.

And THIS FUCKING GUY is still around. Larys exchanges a glance with Alicent as Otto watches.

We see Vhagar flying in the night, presumably with whoever has stolen her on her back.

Alicent grabs Viserys’ dagger.

THE dagger. She spins and, as we know from later in this trailer and in the original show trailer, she charges towards Rhaenyra and her sons with it.

We see Otto, in darkness, confronting what appears to be one of his grandsons — it looks like Aegon, but it is possibly Aemond.

We get another shot of a very serious-looking Rhaenyra.

And another shot of the blonde attacking this brunette guy in the Hall of NIne.

Then we hear Otto say, “I promise you, in time, you and I together will prevail”, accompanied by a close-up of the Hand pin Otto is wearing again.

Then there’s this shot of Alicent.

We see Rhaenyra’s hand bleeding — possibly from being cut by Alicent wielding Viserys’ dagger.

Finally, an emotional Rhaenyra holds back Alicent with the dagger and says, “Now they see you as you are.”

What are you most excited to see next episode? Book fans, remember to keep it spoiler free!

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