How Much Does An Apple Laptop Cost?

How Much Does An Apple Laptop Cost?

Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company that specializes in consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. Apple is the largest information technology company. Apple MacBooks are great laptops.

Contrary to what you might think, the MacBook Air is arguably the most powerful portable computer you can get for under a grand, and if you’re after the best laptop, pretty much any MacBook is guaranteed to fit the bill. MacBooks have great screens, excellent touchpads; they’re slim, light, and good-looking. They use chipsets derived from iPhone CPU tech. For an all-purpose laptop, MacBooks are hard to beat, but apple laptop costs too much.

Apple released their new laptop last year and the Macbook came to the scene and soon earned the title of the best-looking laptop that Apple has ever produced. With a thickness ranging from 0.35 and 1.31 cm coupled with a combined weight not even reaching up to a kilogram.

Even though it represented a mammoth step forward in laptop technology, many have felt that the Macbook doesn’t have a distinctive identity. Though it was much smaller and easily transportable, it didn’t come with the power to capture any sincere Macbook Pro user. With that being said, you may be wondering how much an apple laptop cost does. Let’s take a look at the two most popular models of Apple laptops:

1. Apple Macbook Pro 2021

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2021 MacBook Pro still very much looks like a MacBook. It’s still made from a unibody aluminum chassis, it still comes in silver or space gray, and there’s still an Apple logo on the lid. But the changes in this generation aren’t subtle enough to be missed. Black has become the dominant accent color, gracing both the Apple logo and the backdrop of the keyboard.

It’s a return to glory for a product that has felt outdated and underpowered for a long time. It has the best speakers, webcam, keyboard, trackpad, display, battery life, and port selection of any laptop ever tested.

That’s a lot to get right in one laptop. Meanwhile, the performance will satisfy those looking for a machine that can keep with their workflows, especially those working in demanding, creative fields. Priced at $1995, this laptop is one of the beasts delivered by Apple.

The spectacular efficiency of the device stems from M1 Max Chip which offers game-altering efficiency. This implies that you can effortlessly handle 8K video edits, compile codes and create complex scenes in 3D on the go. The battery life of the device is up to 21 hours.

The graphics performance is up to 4 times stronger with 5 x machines learning within the scope of 16 inches. You can treat your eyes with the Liquid Retina display XDR display that’s known for delivering an amazing contrast ratio.

You can see an unbelievable range of shadows along with deeper blacks and a brighter range of colors. You can also enjoy sharper video calls with absolutely clear audio enhanced by a 1080p Face Time HD camera. It also enables you to unleash the power of M1Max with more than 10,000 applications and plug-ins that are already optimized for Apple Silicon.


  • Incredible XDR display
  • Fantastic creative performance
  • Extensive port selection
  • Keyboard and trackpad are perfect
  • Excellent speakers and webcam
  • Endless battery life


  • No room for upselling on Air or Mini

2. Apple Macbook Pro 13.3″ inches


Apple MacBook Pro 13-in M1 8-core GPU 16GB 2TB Space Gray (CTO)

  • BTO MacBook Pro 13.3″ with Retina Display – 61W USB Type-C Power Adapter – USB Type-C Charge Cable (2m) – Apple 1 Year Limited Warranty with 90 Day Technical Support
  • Apple M1 chip with 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU
  • 16-core Neural Engine
  • 16GB unified memory
  • 2TB SSD storage

Last update on 2022-02-19 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Now powered by Apple’s M1 CPU, the 13-inch MacBook Pro remains a workhorse for those who want a compact macOS laptop that’s still powerful enough to perform processor-intensive workflows. The MacBook Pro 2020’s design is a bit too familiar, but it delivers excellent 10th gen performance, a great Magic Keyboard, and long battery life.

The Apple M1 chip comes with 13.3 inches display for offering incredible power and speed beyond your imagination. The graphics speed is 5x higher and the Neural Engine that gives you up to 11 times faster speed of machine learning. And the 20 hours battery backup is the longest duration delivered by any Apple laptop ever.

And if you are thinking about how much does an apple laptop cost, you should be prepared to pay $1699 for this great device. The 8-core processor makes the laptop outrageous and fast and the performance speed is 2.8 times higher compared to the previous models.

The laptop comes packed with 16 billion transistors and this figure is truly unbelievable. M1 is not only a step ahead for Apple but it’s a different race altogether. The graphics processor is equally capable and delivers remarkable integrated graphics. Overall, this one is a great choice for Apple laptops if you want great performance and speed.


  • Great performance
  • Fantastic Magic Keyboard
  • Long battery life
  • Vibrant and colorful display
  • Good boost in graphics horsepower
  • 16GB unified memory with 512 GB unified memory


  • Bezels too thick
  • Pricey to get 10th gen power
  • Webcam could use upgrade
  • Lack of myriad connectivity

The Most Important Features to Consider

Processor and RAM

Modern Apple laptops, particularly the MacBook Pro line, feature extremely capable Intel processors that are nearly in line with their desktop counterparts. This means they can easily handle intensive applications, such as video editing software and digital audio workstations, such as Logic Pro X. This efficiency is increased by having plenty of onboard rams. The above computers start with 8GB of RAM but are usually upgradeable to 64GB.

Retina Display

The infamous Retina display is indeed gorgeous, offering more pixels than the human eye can actually perceive, and available in a wide variety of sizes, up to 16 inches. They are perfect for watching streaming content, such as those found on Netflix, and using photo editing software, such as Photoshop. This functionality is further increased by snazzy cameras, allowing for the creation of HD video on the fly.

Touch Bar

The Apple Touch Bar has been somewhat controversial since it first launched on the MacBook Pro line a couple of years back, though much of that controversy is unearned. Modern Apple laptops have increased the Touch Bar’s functionality significantly, thanks to an updated design and an operating system that truly makes the most out of the feature. If you are truly turned off by the Touch Bar, we made sure to include a couple of options that do not have one.

Additional Features

These are Apple laptops and, as such, come packed in with plenty of additional bells and whistles, including built-in SSD storage, up to 8TB, and plenty of Thunderbolt 3 ports, as many as four. They also typically feature-rich, detailed speakers, with plenty of bass response, and microphones that are perfect for video chatting. Other perks include long-lasting batteries and full access to Apple’s suite of operating software.

How Does Apple Price Their Laptops?

Apple is not just a leading company for delivering quality devices; it is very wise in the pricing of the products. Neither do they hike the prices of laptops nor do they offer discounts. Above all, Apple is great at getting their prices to bang on.

This takes us to the topic of how the company chooses to price its laptops. And it is as regular as changing of seasons with Apple announcing a new device and people complaining of its high price starts coming in. But in essence, nobody should be surprised that the company sells their laptops or phones for such a premium.

The pricing strategy alters from one product to another and also shifts from time to time. But there is no harm in keeping in mind some of the fundamental rules of pricing for Apple as it will make it easier to understand how much does an apple laptop cost.

No Room for Bargaining:

Apple as a manufacturer will never fit into a low-price category. Even though the critics of the manufacturer will claim that Apple’s products are incessantly overpriced, it will be better to say that Apple would never make any cut rates to compete with low-end laptops. This may probe you to think whether Apple can make a $499 laptop? Definitely, yes!

But the makers are interested in delivering products that can help uphold the brand’s identity as the forbearer of high-end laptops and mobiles. It’s difficult to fathom about a cheap and plastic Macbook, the company is surely lauded for releasing state-of-the-art products.

Expect a Twice Higher Price:

When thinking about how much does an apple laptop costs, whatever you are ready to pay for the upcoming device, you should make up your mind to pay double when purchasing it. That’s the reason Apple is still ruling the market.

It entices the consumers with such brilliant products that you can’t help but go for them. You will always have to push the price up to and add around $100 to your estimated budget. And the users will buy it regardless of the internal debate that they have to win over before buying the laptop.

It’s been a long time since the prices of Apple products have been firm. And the price that was given in the official stores was what you had to pay everywhere for purchasing. That is not how the pricing system works at the present. In recent times, Apple is executing newer strategies for pricing and it surely determines how much does an apple laptop cost.

But there is more room for deals, sales, and other efforts for marketing. And if you want to possess a laptop but feel that it’s beyond your means, you should brace up and look for deals. Because if something appears to be too high in pricing, you can rest assured that Apple will adjust it with the performance, speed, and caliber.

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