I’m Honestly Shocked These Popular Shows/Characters Never Got Emmy Noms


Who decides these awards, anyway?

As one of the most prestigious awards in the media industry, the Emmys have been sought after by many, and only a few have received them.

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Though many shows and actors have earned the Emmys that they won, there are still some that arguably should’ve gotten the honor of a nomination at least. In recognition of what should’ve been, here’s my list for the popular shows/characters who never got Emmy noms.



Seinfeld (Wayne Knight)

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Though he technically wasn’t one of the main characters, Newman stood out as one of the most recognizable characters on Seinfeld. This deliciously evil postal worker ranked amongst the main cast as one of the funniest people on the show, and Wayne Knight proved he was made for this role. Seriously, if Kramer got a Tony, Newman should get an Emmy.


The Haunting of Hill House


Having received a Fangoria Chainsaw Award, a Bram Stoker Award, and multiple Saturn Award nominations, The Haunting of Hill House stands as one of the most outstanding horror series to come out in recent years. However, it’s horrific to hear that this miniseries never got a single Emmy nomination. If not for Best Series, the cast should have at least scored some noms for their unforgettably poignant performances.


Peacemaker (Christopher Smith/Peacemaker)

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John Cena surprised audiences with his comedic and dramatic abilities portraying Peacemaker in HBO Max’s titular series. In fact, the whole reason this show was even made was that director James Gunn saw Cena’s potential as an actor in The Suicide Squad, but it’s a shame that the Emmys haven’t recognized it yet.


The Leftovers


Though the series didn’t have such big ratings while it was on the air, The Leftovers has gained a cult following over the years and is now considered one of the greatest TV series of all time. However, the only thing the show got out of the Emmys was just a nomination for Ann Dowd.


Servant (Nell Tiger Free)

Apple TV+

Nell Tiger Free stars in this series as the mysterious teenage nanny, Leanne Grayson, who casts an eerie but compelling presence in every one of her scenes. She might even be the best and most likable person in this show. Her good intentions, traumatic backstory, and rise toward independence have made her a well-rounded figure, and Free’s performance helped make Leanne a standout character.


Midnight Mass


Like Hill House, Mike Flanagan’s latest project, Midnight Mass, was denied a single nomination in last year’s Emmys. This horror series brought a fresh new take on the vampire genre and featured terrific performances and many profound religious and philosophical musings. Hamish Linklater, Zach Gilford, or Kate Siegel should’ve at least gotten nominated for their acclaimed performances in the show.


Parks and Recreation (Nick Offerman)


Since Ron Swanson is one of the most iconic characters from Parks and Recreation, it’s a shock that Nick Offerman was never even nominated for an Emmy for his time in Pawnee. His performance as the mustachioed libertarian has made him a folk hero amongst fans, and his deadpan delivery of so many memorable lines should’ve made him an Emmy contender. Even Amy Poehler, who had won such an award for her role on the show, was furious over Offerman’s snub at the awards, calling it a “hot load of bulls**t.” Well said.


Solar Opposites


Sure, this show may not be as good as Rick and Morty, but Solar Opposites is very much its own comedic beast. Co-creator Justin Roiland and his team inject the same amount of hilarity and creativity into this alien-centric show as he did with the former series. Also, the side-adventures in The Wall should’ve garnered some nominations by themselves, as they made for an outstanding show within the show.


Euphoria (Hunter Schafer)


Hunter Schafer gave her all in her acting debut as Jules Vaughn in HBO’s acclaimed teenage drama. Given the show’s extreme nature, Schafer should’ve already received an Emmy for starring in such a graphic and unrelenting series. Not many trans actors have gotten Emmy noms, let alone the award itself, and Schafer deserves as much recognition for her work on the show as her costars, some of whom were already selected for the Emmys.


Loki (Jonathan Majors)

Marvel Studios

Jonathan Majors made his big MCU debut in Loki as He Who Remains, the morally-questionable founder of the TVA and variant of Kang the Conqueror. Majors injected an unsettling swagger into his performance as the eccentric scientist-turned-temporal dictator, and he immediately established himself as one of the MCU’s greatest villains. And we haven’t even seen the evilest version of him yet. Hopefully, we’ll see him conquer the Emmys this year.




Basically The Exorcist meets The X-Files, this acclaimed horror series follows a forensic psychologist, a Catholic seminarian, and a contractor who all investigate supposedly supernatural occurrences. With three seasons under its belt, Evil has proved itself a modern masterpiece with its inventive and excellent writing, and each actor gives a noteworthy performance that demands recognition.


Reservation Dogs


Reservation Dogs immediately became a hit back when it premiered in 2021, as it broke new ground by presenting Native American culture in a realistic and progressive light. Despite winning two Independent Spirit Awards, a Peabody Award, and a Golden Globe nomination, so far, the Emmys have failed to acknowledge this acclaimed series in their awards list.


Watchmen (Tim Blake Nelson)

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HBO’s landmark superhero series won several awards, including 11 Primetime Emmys, in just one season. Regina King and Yahya Abdul-Matten II are among the cast who won well-deserved Emmys, but the performance that went unnoticed at these awards was that of Tim Blake Nelson as Looking Glass. This bizarre character was recognized for his reflective mask and dry, sardonic wit. However, his struggles with loneliness and paranoia following the traumatic 11/2 Psychic Shockwave made him a character that you couldn’t help but find relatable.


Severance (Britt Lower)

Apple TV+

Apple TV’s Severance became a streaming hit right out of the gate with its incredible, mind-bending visuals, and fantastic performances. Though Adam Scott, John Turturro, Christopher Walken, and Patricia Arquette have gotten Emmy nominations for their roles on the show, Britt Lower arguably got the short end of the stick in that department. As the audience’s proxy into the weird world of Lumon Industries, everyone connected with newcomer Helly R. as she struggled to escape the torment her Outie forced her to endure.


Stranger Things (Sadie Sink)


Before I continue, I want to add Noah Schnapp as an honorable mention for playing Will. Sadie Sink has been a series regular as Max Mayfield since her debut in Season 2, and at this point, an Emmy nomination for her is long overdue. Max’s inner struggles were brought center stage in Season 4 as she became a victim of Vecna’s Curse, and Sink was able to show her true potential as an actress with her endearing but heart-wrenching performance.


Community (Danny Pudi)

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Danny Pudi stole the show with his performance as the very-likely-to-be autistic film student Abed Nadir in Dan Harmon’s revolutionary sitcom. His hysterical impression of Nicolas Cage alone should’ve scored him an Emmy. Not only was he hilariously insightful with his meta-knowledge of pop culture, but he still showed great pathos through his character’s struggles to fit in and understand others.


Friends (Courteney Cox)


While her five costars received Emmy noms for being on this legendary show, Courteney Cox was the only member of the titular friends not to receive one. Like the rest of the cast, Cox was hilarious and terrific as Monica, but the Los Angeles Times claimed that Cox’s performance disproved the idea that attractive women couldn’t be funny, proving that she deserved just as much, if not more, recognition than her costars.

Do you agree with this list? Are there any other popular shows or characters that I missed?

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