Imagine A Cake With Mashed Potato And Gravy? This Food Blogger Made It Happen

Imagine A Cake With Mashed Potato And Gravy? This Food Blogger Made It Happen

We all love well-baked cakes, with the spongy feeling and creamy layers that vanish immediately in the mouth. Every once in a while, when we think of indulging ourselves, we think of cakes. There are various ways of baking a cake and multiple ingredients that we can add or remove depending on our taste and preference. But a viral video is killing all these ideas associated with a cake. It features Darius Williams, a food blogger who experiments with recipes and shares his exploits online. However, many believe he has gone too far with his new cake recipe.

Williams has shared the recipe of his collard green and cornbread cake, which has mashed potato frosting and gravy. If that was not enough, he also added chicken sprinkles. While he shared the recipe a long time ago on his Instagram page, the video is now going viral, with most users expressing their disappointment with the recipe.

The video has been widely shared on Twitter by @Getthebagcoach, receiving over 2 million views and 50k likes. It was originally from Darius Williams’ TikTok handle.

“Y’all let this man become a social media ‘chef’ and look at what he is making… This is y’all fault,” said a Twitter user, sharing the video of Williams making the cake.

Another commented that the FBI “should’ve been at his door as soon as he posted this video”.

But not everyone felt that way. Some said they are not sure about how it would taste but the cake looks good.

A person asked, “Can you feel your arteries slamming shut by watching this or is it just me?”

This user pulled out an older video of Williams and wrote, “I remember he posted a video of him making spaghetti and said “a pinch of salt”.

In case you felt the gravy and the mashed potato was too much to add to the cake recipe, you should try the traditional sweet-and-spongy cakes. Here are some of them:

1. Flourless Chocolate Cake 

2. Marble Cake 

3. Ragi Dark Chocolate Cake 

4. Pumpkin Oats Cake 

5. Eggless Banana Cake 

Cakes are a great way to fix the bad mood of your loved ones or surprise them with a quick sugary treat to spread cheer and joy. Try any of these recipes for yourself or your family members. You can even serve them as snacks to your guests or team up with the evening tea or coffee.

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