‘India an emerging power…’: China’s statement amid border dispute, said this on Putin’s emphasis on Moscow-Delhi relationship – Chinese Spokesperson Said – India Emerging Power Of The World, We Are Ready To Increase Relations


Chinese spokesperson said - India emerging power of the world, we are ready to increase relations

India and China
– Photo: Amar Ujala


China has given a big statement regarding India. On Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said that India is the emerging power of the world. Not only this, China also talked about increasing relations with New Delhi. During this, the Chinese spokesperson mentioned about building better and stronger relations with Russia.

Responding to a question about Russia’s new foreign policy, Mao said, “China, Russia and India are emerging major countries with remarkable influence.” is facing deep and complex changes at the international and regional level.

Wang Xiaojian, spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in India, tweeted about this. “China, Russia and India can send a positive signal to the world by communicating with the international community and defending true multilateralism and jointly responding to global challenges,” he wrote.

What else did China say?

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman further said, ‘China and Russia are working to develop a new type of relations. Including mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and cooperation. This bilateral relationship is not meant to target any third party, nor does it affect any other country.

President Xi Jinping visited Russia

Last month, President Xi Jinping visited Russia. During this, both had reached agreement on many important points regarding bilateral issues. Jinping and Putin together prepared a blueprint for the relationship between the two countries. At the same time, on Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the draft of the new foreign policy. In this, Russia has talked about building strong relations with India and China. Russia has insisted on building good relations with India diplomatically.

Relations with China and India are mentioned separately in the 42-page document. This foreign policy emphasized the importance of deepening ties and coordination with sovereign global centers of power and development on the Eurasian continent.

Russia and India remained close during the Cold War

India and Russia maintained close strategic, military, economic and diplomatic ties during the Cold War. Both Russia and India describe this alliance as unique and privileged. The strategic partnership between India and Russia is based on five main pillars – politics, defence, civil nuclear energy, counter-terrorism cooperation and space projects. Recently India and Russia have celebrated the 75th anniversary of their diplomatic relations.