Is Your Coffee Safe For Consumption? Find Out With This Simple Test

Is Your Coffee Safe For Consumption? Find Out With This Simple Test

Every morning you have a bunch of things to do. Whether it is to make breakfast, do household chores or even begin with your office work- the morning hours are always hectic. But, most of us can’t start all these things without a cup of coffee. Coffee is our ultimate energiser. You can have it with milk, without milk, just with some sugar or maybe even topped with some cream; we all can agree that coffee is simply divine in all its forms. But did you know that your coffee could be mixed with chicory powder? For the unversed, chicory is a dandelion-like blooming plant. It has a stiff, hairy stem and light purple flowers. This plant has a coffee-like flavour that is generally described as somewhat earthy and nutty.

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Many types of research have shown that chicory powder has been used since ancient times for consumption. It is also known to have many benefits. However, different bodies react differently to it. Research published in Comprehensive Reviews In Food Science And Safety shows that the most common chicory root side effects include stomach cramping, gas, constipation, diarrhoea, and similar digestive problems.

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The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) recently took to Instagram to share a post explaining how to check the purity of your coffee. In a simple test, they demonstrated the adulteration of coffee with Chicory. Find it below:

How To Check The Purity Of Coffee

First, take a clear glass and fill it with water. Now add some coffee powder from the top. The unadulterated coffee would float on the surface and slowly get dissolved with the water. The adulterated coffee will float on the water’s surface with a faster dissolution. Check out the full test by FSSAI here:

So, what are you waiting for? Take this simple test with your coffee at home and find out if it is adulterated or not.

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