It's my whole life right now: Evelyn Sharma on sharing breastfeeding pictures

It's my whole life right now: Evelyn Sharma on sharing breastfeeding pictures

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani fame Evelyn Sharma posted another picture of her daughter Ava. In the photograph, Evelyn can be seen breastfeeding her little munchkin. Ever since, the new mom welcomed Ava, she has been sharing photos and insights about motherhood on social media handle. In the latest post, Evelyn explained why she often shares pictures of breastfeeding and even spoke about the challenges around it. “If you’re wondering why I post photos of me breastfeeding, it’s because it’s my whole life right now. It’s a full-time job with a lot of extra hours and sleepless nights. But your payment is a happy and healthy baby which is all you want as a mommy. I don’t exclusively breastfeed though. My baby girl needs a little top up once in a while and mommy a hot bath while daddy takes over!” she shares along with hashtags like #happymommy #happybaby #breastfeeding #babynutrition and #besttimeofmylife

A few weeks back, the actress was trolled for sharing pictures of breastfeeding. Speaking about it with Hindustan Times, the actress said, “Such images show vulnerability and strength at the same time. I find it beautiful. Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and healthy things to do. And it really is why women have breasts in the first place. So why be shy about it?” 

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A few months back, Evelyn marked two months since she welcomed her daughter. In a heartfelt post, she wrote, “Your life is going to change completely when your baby arrives” they said… And OMG has our life changed since little Ava arrived two months ago! We never thought we could feel this kind of all consuming, overwhelming love that we feel for our child! She took away our sleep, our personal space, created her own daily routines that we must follow, and even when we’re at the end of our physical and mental strength, her little face lights up and we want to keep going. It’s incredible the love you can feel for someone so demanding! She is everything! My sweet girl… Our little world.” 

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